10 Gift Ideas Your Dog Will Love

10 Gift Ideas Your Dog Will Love


With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is so busy buying gifts for everyone in the family. As your Christmas list keeps getting longer, don’t forget your canine buddies who have stayed by your side through thick and thin, and made your days brighter and happier. There are just so many options for pet presents out there and it is no wonder why you can easily become overwhelmed when looking for the best Christmas presents your dog will surely love.

Like humans, dogs differ in their preferences when it comes to shapes, textures, sounds, and scents of toys. Some experts recommend finding a Christmas dog toy that is appropriate for your pet’s age. Puppies and younger dogs would love a softer toy especially when they’re going through the teething stage. Soft-textured toys are also better for their baby teeth which are more fragile and can easily break when chewing hard toys.

Of course, your dogs will surely love some toys but there are also other awesome Christmas presents that your pets will love and enjoy. We have made a list of some great suggestions for your pet’s Christmas presents.


  1. Dog Leash

Choosing the right leash for your dog is one of the most important decisions to make about pet care and welfare. Most states require pets to be on a leash when they are taken outside the house. There are so many types of dog leads that are available but you should keep comfort, durability, and usefulness in mind.


The Fuzzyard Sonic Dog Lead (2 Sizes) is made up of sturdy neoprene and designed with a comfortable hand loop and a steel spring-loaded latch where you can securely attach to the matching collar. The clasp rotates 360° which makes it more friendly and comfortable on your hands during walks and runs. The lead is available in small and large sizes.

Then, there’s the Walk by Paw Made Multi-Way Leash Forest Green (3 Sizes) which is made of high-quality cotton so it gives a soft and flexible feel when you hold it in your hands during leash walks with your canine buddy. If you are walking 2 dogs, the leash comes with durable metal welded clips and D-rings that can be used as a dual leash. The design of the leash makes it possible to use it as a sling instead of holding on to the leash.


  1. Dog Treats

Dogs would do anything to have a bite of their favorite treats. Whether you give treats as snacks or rewards during training, you should know which ones are healthier and safer for your pooch.

Did you know that beef liver “contains up to 100 times more nutrients than any other type of meat”? Yes, these tasty treats are jam-packed with proteins, fats, and vitamin A. It is no wonder why beef liver dog treats are among the top treats for dogs. It is also a favorite treat for use as positive reinforcement for dog training routines. Graze NZ Natural Beef Liver Strips Dog Treats are made from 100% gently air-dried New Zealand (NZ) beef liver. These are guaranteed to be free from artificial preservatives, additives, and other chemicals that are known to be harmful to pets.

If you want an all-natural, non-meat dog treat for your pet, get him some Wholesome Pride Sweet Potato Mini Dog Treat. It’s grain-free so it’s perfect for dogs that are prone to food allergies or those with sensitive stomachs. It’s a great vegetarian and vegan alternative with no fillers, additives, or preservatives.



  1. Dog Beds

When buying doggy essentials, your list should include a comfortable dog bed. A dog considers his bed as a haven and his very own space and territory. A dog bed can help prevent behavioral issues, contribute to your pet’s health, and keep your pet warm and comfortable.


The Fuzzyard Chelsea Reversible Dog Bed is available in 3 sizes. This reversible bed features a unique geometric print and has a soft feather filling. It is fully reversible and machine-washable. The bed is made of polyester fiber and is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

If your dog has delicate skin, get him the Dream Castle Ecliptic Equation Bed for Dogs which is made of 100% super soft cotton fabric and stuffed with 100% kapok fibre. The bed provides proper insulation from cool or hot flooring and protect your pet from temperature extremes. Since the stuffing is moisture-repellent, it prevents the growth of mould or mites. 


  1. Chew Toys

Haven’t you wondered why dogs love squeaky toys? Experts believe that dogs perceive the squeaking as sounds made by injured or frightened preys. This can trigger the hunting instincts that they have inherited from their wild ancestors. Animal behaviorists also believe that the action of biting the ball and producing the squeaking sound lights up the brain’s pleasure center. Thus, they tend to repeat the action to experience that pleasurable feeling all over again and again. Dogs have also learned that making noises with squeaker toys make it easier to get their owners’ attention.

The KONG Squeakair Ball Dog Toy is the perfect fetch toy as it is designed to combine the features of two all-time favorite dog toys-- the tennis ball and the squeaker toy. It’s made of high quality durable material that won’t easily wear down a dog’s teeth. Compared to the abrasive material of tennis balls, these squeaker balls are wrapped with a special non-abrasive felt material. You can choose from five available sizes -- XS, S, M, L, AND XL to suit your pet.

Then, there’s the Petstages Rebound Ball which is a fetch toy that “bounces back”. This bright-colored chew toy is made of durable materials that enhance dental health while providing physical and mental stimulation for dogs. The “bounce back action” keeps your dog occupied while enjoying the unique chewing sensation.


  1. Snuffle Mat

Dogs instinctively use their sense of smell to investigate their surroundings. A dog’s nose is lined with lots of smell receptors, making their olfactory sense extremely sensitive. A snuffle mat is one of the best ways to encourage your canine buddy’s instincts. It will give them hours of fun exploring, foraging, while stimulating their powerful sense of smell.


Paws & Pal Play Pal Circle Snuffle Mat is the perfect opportunity to feed your pet’s foraging instincts. It is an interactive way for dogs to derive entertainment, enrichment, and mental stimulation. Hide some treats in the folds of the mat to keep your pooch busy and well-stimulated for hours. The snuffle mat is available in 2 colors and designs -- pink snuffle mat and grey circle snuffle mat. It has a plastic base that prevents dirt on the floor from sticking to the mat.


  1. Other Dog Treats

Venison or deer meat is fast-becoming a popular meat source for commercial premium-quality dog food products and treats. While it contains less protein than beef, it has also less fat and cholesterol. Venison is also a good option for dogs that are prone to food allergies, such as those that are hypersensitive to beef or chicken. Addiction Venison Meaty Bites Dog Treats are made from free-range New Zealand venison. Your dog will certainly love the soft and succulent texture of the treats that are available in various flavors. It’s perfect for hypersensitive dogs because it is completely grain-free and doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, fillers, and other known allergens.

Treats are important sources of extra calories thus they should be given in moderation. But Pooch & Mutt Brain & Train Training Dog Treats are low-calorie, hand-baked treats that you can give to your dog. These healthy treats contain chicken, ginkgo biloba, and coconut oil. Dogs in training and elderly dogs can benefit from ginkgo biloba as it’s known to enhance memory and concentration.


  1. Dog Kennels

A good kennel offers several benefits for dogs and their owners. It provides a haven where a dog can retreat to when tired, stressed, or overwhelmed by anything that is going on in his immediate environment. A kennel is also an important tool in housetraining. A portable kennel is the best way to secure your dog during family outings or visits to the veterinarian or the groomers.

The Stefanplast Happy Kennel is highly portable and provides an easy and convenient way to create a comfortable “home” for your pet. Its simple, click-together design makes it possible to assemble in seconds. Since it’s made of materials that are highly resistant to heat, cold, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays, your pet is well-protected from environmental extremes.

The Paws & Pal Home Pal Soft Folding Playpen for Pets (2 Sizes) is easy to set up and can easily be folded and stowed away in a bag. It’s designed with 8 sides and a door opening. It’s mesh windows and top ensure optimum ventilation while preventing insects from crawling in.


  1. Dog Fashion Accessories

Many fashion-conscious pet owners are now dressing up their pet dogs in various styles and decking them up with various dog fashion accessories. What many pet owners don’t know is that dog fashion “trends date back to the Egyptian pre-dynastic period”. As more and more pet owners and their pets try to keep up with the latest fashion, “the canine fashion industry has become a multibillion-dollar business”.

The Zee Dog Lisa Simpson Bow Tie Large can be used as a bow tie or lace. It’s made of soft polyester and designed with a discrete elastic band that attaches easily to the dog’s collar.

There’s also the RuffCo Red Anchor Single Pet Bandana (4 Sizes), which is reversible so you can choose what print your pet wears for different occasions. It’s made of high-quality cotton which is easy to clean and maintain. The bandana is easy to use and its soft and comfortable material makes it comfortable to use in various climates. These handmade pieces are available in 4 sizes and since it’s made by hand, there is limited quantity that’s available.


  1. Treat-Dispensing Toys

Dogs love treat-dispensing toys because they’re full of fun while providing physical and mental stimulation. Trainers and dog behaviorists also recommended treat-dispensing dog toys because they help divert unwanted behavior. They’re great for dogs that tend to get into mischief as a result of boredom or become destructive when left home alone. Dogs that eat too quickly can also benefit from treat-dispensing toys as it forces them to slow down, eating one treat or kibble at a time.


Among the top treat-dispensing toys for dogs are Kong Quest Starpods Toy for Dogs (2 Sizes) and Kong Rewards Shell Dog Toy (2 Sizes). Their unique designs keep your dog challenged and engaged for hours as they forage on the treats and/or kibbles that are stuffed inside the toy. What better way to stimulate your pet’s natural foraging behaviors than giving him a treat-dispensing toy for Christmas!


  1. Dog Feeders

Mealtimes need not be boring for your canine buddy. There are now dog feeders that are designed to provide loads of interactive fun while slowing down eating time for pets that tend to gobble down their food. The Feed By Paw Made Fun Feeder Solar Circle Blue is made of durable polypropylene and is uniquely designed to slow down chew time while adding a bit of fun to every bite.

The Foobler Bluetooth Green/Blue Self-Reloading Puzzle Feeder is a step-up to your regular Foobler®. It has a bluetooth feature that connects the feeder to a smartphone so you can customise a specific feeding schedule for your pet. Aside from this, the feeder still retains the training function, tracking function, and the benefit of the regular Foobler®.


Shopping for your pet’s Christmas gifts is surely a lot of fun but safety should be your top priority. Toys should be carefully selected to be sure that they don’t pose any harm or risk to your pets. Being mindful of your pet’s individual needs will make it easier for you to get the best dog Christmas gifts that your canine buddy will enjoy.

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