12 Ways To Win At 12.12 Sale!

perro Editorial 12 Ways To Win At 12.12 Sale!


What's cookin' on 12.12?! This year, perromart is dropping the best, never-before-seen 12.12 deals on pet food, toys, accessories, healthcare & more.  With incentives such as promo codes, vouchers and perropoints, there are tons of different ways to get the biggest savings! For the smartest 12.12 shopping planning, we put together these 12 must-know shopping tips. Check out the amazing deals lined up at perromart now!


 1. Look Out For All Things "12"

 "12" is the golden number this shopping holiday! Keep your eyes peeled for $12, 12% & Buy 1 Free 2 deals all over perromart.


Take a preview look at Paw Made accessories, such as premium beds, bowls and more, where $12.12 prices will be dropping. For cat parents, spend $100 on NAMA and get $12 off!


For the hungry pup, Nutripe and Bronco wet food cans are going for Buy 12 free 2 small. Use this opportunity to stock up now!


 2. Pre-Save Your Card Details:

If you are thinking about buying essentials for your pets at a discounted price from perromart, then you should save your credit card details on perromart before the sale begins. Remember, time is a crucial factor in these sales, and a delay of a few seconds can cause the price to change. Having your details entered on perromart’s website beforehand is a lot better than wasting time entering 16 digits of your credit card at a time of purchasing.


In case you are using an e-wallet, make sure to top it up, or you will require more time, which might cause the exciting items to be sold out before you know it.


Sign in to add pre-save your card details!


 3. Utilize Your “Wish List":

Your “Wish List” on perromart is a handy tool, especially during Singapore 12.12 sales. Hence it would be best if you used it wisely. You can "favourite" the items you are interested in buying (or considering) at a discounted price. This way, you’ll have a better track of what you want to buy and can prioritize beforehand. This sale will include a massive number of items on perromart so don’t wait till 12th December to compile your list. Use your “Wish List” to shortlist the items and purchase them later on.


4. Keep Checking the Prices:

Here is another advantage that the “Wish List” will give you: you can keep track of the prices everyday. Prices might fluctuate between now and 12th December according to additional promotions, so you should be diligent about monitoring your “Wish List” items before the big day!


5. Jot Down Any Necessary Notes Beforehand:

One of the greatest ways of saving time during best 12.12 deals is noting down all your necessary requirements before the sales. It will help you purchase any item more quickly, such as dog food, cat food, essentials for your pets, and so on. Note down things like your dog or cat’s food needs (or allergies), body measurements for accessories, etc.

Another great tool to utilize is our "My Pets" profile page, where you can input your pet's information beforehand!


6. Do Your Shopping Research Beforehand:

It would be in the shopper’s best interest to do their research about items and their prices ahead of time on perromart. You can search for the lowest prices for certain things during 12.12 Sale 2020. Additionally, try to read the reviews of all items you are interested in before deciding to buy them. This will help you solidify your purchasing decision before 12th December, so that you can hone in directly on the big day to buy your items before they run out!  


7. Buy in Bulk:

Gather a group of like-minded friends, relatives, neighbors, or colleagues to increase the quantity of each item that you want to buy. There could be promotions that offer bigger discounts for larger quantity purchases! So discuss with anyone you know who could be interested in the same products as you, and make your game plan beforehand!


8. Get Ready for Plan B:

With all the research and planning that you have done before the 12.12 sales “online battle” begins, don’t forget to come up with a Plan B, i.e., the alternative or backup plan. This backup plan will help you recalibrate quickly when the items you want are sold out. Alternatively, you can drop us a message or give us a call in this situation, and we will do additional stock checks for you!


9. Best Quality and Deals:

To avoid falling prey to scams during this massive sale holiday, ensure that you’re purchasing from reputable sites such as perromart. Remember that the cheapest deals do not always ensure quality, especially when you the website contains dubious features and payment channels. perromart seeks to help its customer avoid falling into this sales trap, which is why we do “Price Match Guarantee” so that our customers can purchase safely through us while still enjoying the best deals.


 10. Plan your Time:

Once you are done with your Singapore 12.12 research and plans, it’s time to ensure your shopping availability. Make sure you are not double-booked for the big day! To the best of your ability, try to focus your full attention the website to not miss out on anything! Keep track of the exact time the sale begins on your favorite items. Get yourself ready to start ordering at least 15-30 minutes before the sale begins. It will help you handle the last-minute technical problems that might appear out of nowhere.


Setting reminders is always helpful. These reminders can also indicate when the item is going to be put for sale.


 11. Grab As Many Incentives as You Can:

You can start collecting promo codes from our website, accessing websites such as Shopback, checking on your e-wallet or credit card cashback, and noting down specific flash deals. It will help if you focus on maximizing all coupons, rebates, spending bonuses, points, and cashbacks available to get the best deals. Look for the sites that offer coupons and other incentives to their customers and prefer buying from them instead of others. Once you have collected all these coupons, points, and promo codes, you can use them to purchase your favorite items at lesser prices.


 12. Start Adding to Your Cart Before 12th December:

If you are serious about buying certain items from perromart sale, you should add them to your card earlier. As soon as the deals start, all you have to do is click on checkout, and your order will be placed!


Note: these items added to your cart can still be sold out until you purchase them because they are not yours yet. To ensure their availability, keep checking its status and availability from time to time until 12th December!


perromart’s 12.12 sale is a once-a-year opportunity that is too precious to waste. You can grab all your essential items and more from perromart to make the most of the day. If you follow the perromart shopping hacks we just shared, there’s no doubt that you will find better, cheaper, and more incredible deals, and save a ton of money!

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