2021 New Year Resolutions With Your Pet

perro Editorial 2021 New Year Resolutions With Your Pet


[Edited: 23 December 2020] 


We've almost made it! As 2020 rolls to a stop, we at perromart have been counting our blessings and thinking about what we're thankful for this year. Although it has indeed been a rollercoaster ride for all of us, our pets have unfailingly kept us company and endured this difficult time by our side. With 2021 just around the corner, we're making New Year Resolutions with our pets in mind. After all, they deserve only the best! Check out this list of resolutions we have:


Don’t skip your pet’s regular wellness check-ups

Take a proactive approach to your pet’s health and well-being by taking your pet to your veterinarian for regular health visits. Wellness checks are perfect opportunities to have your pet examined thoroughly, so any problem can be discovered and nipped in the bud at the earliest possible time. During wellness checks, your veterinarian may also find it necessary for your pet to undergo certain laboratory tests such as blood tests and biochemical tests. There may also be tests for heartworms, parasites, and specific diseases. It is also during these visits when certain vaccinations are given based on the schedule and pets are dewormed and/or given heartworm preventatives. Indeed, your pet’s regular vet check-ups are of utmost importance for your pet’s health and well-being. You may try to postpone it a few days later if you have something more urgent to do, but never skip or keep on postponing these important visits to the vet clinic.


Teach your pet a new trick or two

dog tricks

The New Year should also be a time for learning a new trick or two. Pet cats, dogs, birds, and other types of pets will benefit from continuous training. In addition to developing new skills, training also provides them with lots of physical and mental stimulation. Training sessions are also great bonding times with your pet while enjoying each other’s company. Reinforce your training sessions with treats like DoggyMan Bowwow Biscuit Mini Sweet Potato Dog Treats and NAMA Dried Anchovy Treats for Cats!


Keep your pet’s pearly white clean and shiny

cat toothy grin

Dental problems are very common in pet cats and dogs. In fact, signs of dental problems have been observed in many pets as young as 3 years old. Pets should have a regular home dental regimen. Oral health is very important to the overall health and well-being of pets. Good oral hygiene is achieved with regular teeth care of your pet’s teeth coupled with regular dental checks at your vet and a nutritionally balanced diet. There are also dental treats like the ever-popular Merrick Fresh Kisses Double Brush Dog Dental Chew, special diets, and kibbles that can help keep your pet’s teeth healthy and shiny, and free from tooth and gum problems.


Outdoor excursions

When the weather is right, don’t stay indoors with your pet! Go outside and enjoy the fresh air, the green grass, and all the wonders of the great outdoors. Your pet will surely love being bombarded with different sights, sounds, tastes, and scents of the surroundings. There are so many things to enjoy and activities to engage in. From walks around the neighbourhood to treks along mountain trails to playing with other dogs at the dog park to swimming at the lake to jogging with your pet. Create a twist on your walks by taking a different route or explore a new dog walk, with Trixie collars and harnesses. There is an endless list of fun activities that both you and your pet will surely look forward to. Outdoor excursions are also great bonding times with your pet.


Keep your pet’s weight within healthy limits

fat cat lazing around

Pets that maintain a healthy weight have less risks of developing health issues that are linked to excess weight such as diabetes mellitus, arthritis, heart disease, liver issues, kidney problems, and some forms of cancer. Being overweight or obese puts a pet’s long term health at risk. Help keep your pet’s weight within healthy limits by giving a lifestage-appropriate premium quality diet coupled with regular exercise, with healthier options like Absolute Bites Duck Breast and Natural Kitty Original Series Grilled Chicken Cat Treats.

And speaking of treats, watch those frequent treatings! Treats are important sources of additional calories, thus experts say that calories from pets should never exceed 10% of a pet’s total calorie intake for the day. The extra calorie from treats can add up each day, even if they are of a healthier variety.  If your pet is overweight or obese, your New Year’s resolution should include helping your pet lose weight in a healthy manner. You should work closely with your veterinarian in creating and following a weight loss regimen for your pet.


Spend time with your pet

Most pets are great attention-seekers. They thrive with regular interaction with their humans. They are a part of the family so be sure to spend some time each day to play or snuggle with your pet. Grooming sessions are also excellent opportunities for bonding and interaction.


Keep your pet well-groomed

dog grooming

Regardless of whether your pet’s grooming needs are complex or simple, your pet will benefit from regular hair brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. Schedule regular visits to a professional groomer and while you and your pet are there, ask for advice about how to keep your pet’s skin and hair in tip-top condition. These tips are important in meeting your pet’s grooming needs in between visits.


For quality time with your pet, consider having bath time in your home instead! Try Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo for Pets to help soothe itchy or irritated skin. Start a regular spa routine with your furkid!


Start the New Year on a positive note with these resolutions for you and your pet!

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