2020 Top Products in Every Pet Category

perro Editorial 2020 Top Products in Every Pet Category


This New Year’s Day might be spent like all other New Years: cozied up with our loved ones and furbabies on the couch, munching on leftover desserts, and counting down to midnight on 31st December. You’ll ponder on how quickly the year has gone by and start making plans for the next year. This year, however, you’ll also reflect on how different your life has been, how much change you’ve undergone, and the new obstacles you’ve braved. At least, that’s what we at perromart have been thinking a lot about lately.


With the outbreak of COVID-19, every industry was impacted in various ways worldwide. For us, there have been significant shifts, particularly in pet product purchasing and veterinary care. The behavior of pet owners evolved as Singapore entered a lockdown, much like the rest of the world. To keep the supply chain smooth and uninterrupted, we saw the pet industry gravitate rapidly towards online shopping, with its customers closely following suit.


Coming out from the tail end of 2020, there were many lessons from the year that we’ll take with us into 2021; first and foremost, we owe it all to our valued customers. Their loyal support has remained our constant and guiding purpose throughout, which is what we always keep in mind when sourcing for products, speaking with suppliers, and improving upon our platform. Hence, we have curated this 2020 Top Products in Every Pet Category guide to share the industry trends that our pet parents have created, followed, and loved. Check it out!




Here are the top picks of products for dogs in 2020:



1. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream:

  • Grain-free formula to provide your dog with excellent nutritional values and amazing energy.
  • Contains a variety of fish protein sources, giving your dog the best taste sensation.
  • Available at $9.00 per 500g.

2. Absolute Holistic Grain-Free Dog Dry Food:

  • Contains real meat as a primary ingredient, followed by vegetables, dry foods, and delicious superfoods.
  • Grain-free dog food that is rich in proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  • Available at $8.60/ 0.5 lb bag.

3. Heka Grain-Free Salmon, Potatoes, & Peas Dog Dry Food:

  • Unique recipe that combines natural healing fruits and herbs along with salmon fish.
  • Helps your dog grow, thrive, and heal without additional hormones and steroids.
  • Available at $35/2.5 kg bag.



1. Absolute Bites Duck Breast 450g

  • Your pets will love treats from Absolute Bites as they are created with duck slices that are 100% natural.
  • Slowly air-dried so that they can maintain their natural nutrition and flavor.
  • Dogs and cats of all ages can enjoy it.
  • Available at $24.90/450g.

2. DoggyMan Bowwow Biscuit Mini Sweet Potato Dog Treat 200g:

  • A mini-sized biscuit.
  • Perfect for your small dogs and pups.
  • It is created by blending sweet potato and milk.
  • Available at $3.70/200g.

3. Merrick Fresh Kisses Double Brush Infused with Coconut Botanical Oils Dog Treats:

  • These treats are designed to keep your dog’s teeth free from tartar and plaque with a freshened breath.
  • Created from natural gelatin and peas and is easily digestible.
  • Does not contain any artificial flavor or chemicals.
  • Available at $16.90/small pack (9pcs).



1. Kong Classic Dog Toy (6 Sizes)

  • Kong Classic is a favorite among dog toys. It is a mentally stimulating toy and helps satisfy dogs’ instinctual needs.
  • For average chewers, this classic red toy is perfect.
  • It is made with natural rubber.
  • Available at $10.40/toy (XS)
 2. Zippypaws Happy Hour Crushers- Rosé Dog Toy
  • Put your bottles in the crushers and make an irresistible toy for your dogs.
  • These toys are designed to satisfy and loving crunchy sound and texture.
  • The bottle cap is reuseable for any new water bottle.
  • Made from top-notch products hence have excellent quality.
  • Available at $15.30 per item.
3. Furball Collective Tutu Kueh Squeakie Dog Toy
  • A squeaky dog toy that contains a perfect bite-size squeaker for your pet’s chewing pleasure!
  • It contains a cotton filling with soft plush.
  • Dimensions are: 12.5cm x 10.4cm x 4.5 cm.
  • Available at $9.90 each.



1. ProDen PlaqueOff® Powder for Dogs 40g

  • An excellent, 100% natural dental product for dogs, which is made from seaweed.
  • A dietary supplement that helps the dog fight tartar and plaque.
  • Can reduce lousy breath up to 63%.
  • Available at $29.90/40g bottle.

 2. NHV Matricalm Supplement for Pets

  • Helpful for pets suffering from behavioral problems, anxiety, and other issues related to the nervous system.
  • It contains herbal extract along with glycerin to reduce aggression.
  • Extremely helpful in internal digestion.
  • Available at $58.75/100ml bottle.

3. Nupro Joint & Immune Support Dog Supplement

  • Helps in keeping the muscles, joints, and connective tissues resilient and robust.
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Provides a significant amount of blood building and energy.
  • Helps in digestion, relieves gas, and improves appetite.
  • Available at $140.90/2.3kg jar.



1. Absorb Charcoal Pet Sheets

  • Suitable for all dogs at all life stages
  • Helps puppies in training or aging dogs in relieving themselves indoors.
  • Comes with a stick-on adhesive tape, so your home remains safe from an accidental mess.
  • The pet sheets absorb in nearly 2.5 seconds.
  • Available at $13.99/small pack (100 pcs).

2. Shed-X Shampoo for Dogs:

  • Designed to wash away all allergens and dander, and give exfoliated and nourished skin.
  • If used regularly, controls excess shedding and removes loose fur.
  • With essential antioxidants and amino acids, it can infuse the coat and skin quickly.
  • Available at $21.90/473ml (16 oz) bottle.
3. Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo for Pets
  • Professional grooming shampoo that contains oatmeal and organic aloe, which is quite suitable for itchy, dry skin.
  • It consists of vanilla and almond scent for a beautiful smell.
  • 100% biodegradable, phosphate-free, and has a trustworthy formula.
  • Available at $18.00/472ml.



1. Paw Made Ultra Free Orthopedic Cushion (New Egg Crate Form) Bed Green:

  • Extremely comforting bed for your furkids to rest and sleep in.
  • Help them feel secure and comfortable and relax into uninterrupted sleep.
  • Available at $32.99/bed (Small)

2. Puppia Orange Rowan Harness for Dogs:

  • Designed to be a basic harness style as ‘Harness A.’
  • Solid color scheme and leaf pattern.
  • Adjustable and coordinated with PASA-AL1604.
  • Available at $38.30/harness (small).

3. Trixie Premium Collar for Dogs

  • Variety of collars, including various materials, shapes, sizes, and functions.
  • This collar has an elastic webbing tape.
  • Contains an adjustable safety lock.
  • Available at $10.00/collar (S-M).




Here are our top 3 cat products in the following categories:



1. Kit-Cat Deboned Salmon & Tuna Cat Wet Food:

  • 100% natural and grain-free cat food that offers a perfect balance of pH level wholesome nutrition for your cat’s long and healthy life.
  • Lessens the risk of urinary tract infection and kidney stones.
  • Does not contain artificial preservatives.
  • Available at $0.89/80g.

2. Aixia Yaizu-no-Maguro Tuna & Chicken w/Salmon Cat Wet Food:

  • Created by top suppliers in Japan, this product helps improve cat’s skin and coat health.
  • Lowers odor and improves digestion.
  • All cats enjoy the delicious taste!
  • Available at $1.60/70g pack.

3. Nurture Pro Longevity Chicken & Skipjack Tuna White Meat with Cranberries Cat Canned Food:

  • Grain-free cat food consists of plant-based ingredients like cranberries, pineapple, and ginger.
  • Contains Skipjack Tuna and Chicken as the first two ingredients.
  • Does not contain any artificial color, preservative, or flavors.
  • Available at $1.90/ 80g can.



1. NAMA Dried Anchovy Treat for Cats:

  • Contains little tuna flakes that your cat will love to eat.
  • Single-ingredient, low-fat product with a high amount of vitamin B1 and B6.
  • Enriched with potassium, protein, and manganese.
  • Available at $10.90/50g pack.

 2. Ciao Chu Ru Tuna Maguro Jumbo Mix Cat Treat:

  • Best-selling cat food contains additional green tea extract and vitamins.
  • No preservatives, artificial colorings, or synthetic chemicals are involved.
  • Packed individually for convenient and easy serving.
  • Available at $31.50/14g pack (40 psc).

 3. Natural Kitty Original Series Grilled Chicken Cat Treats

  • Single-ingredient treat is created with 100% real chicken.
  • No corn, wheat, grain, gluten, or soy is included.
  • Healthy, wholesome, and delicious treat with natural nutritional values.
  • Available at $2.25/30g pack.



1. Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana Cat Toy:

  • Made with durable cotton twill.
  • Contains 100% organic catnip.
  • Hand-sewn, perfect for cats who love biting, scratching, and batting around.
  • Available at $13.50/toy.

2. Paw Made Crawl & Claw Curved Scratching Board:

  • This scratching board is designed to satisfy cats’ scratching desires.
  • Sharpens and removes the outer dead layer of your cat’s claws.
  • Relieves anxiety and stress.
  • Available at $12.13/board.

3. Trixie Playing Rod with Peacock Feather Cat Teaser:

  • Made of plastic and is the perfect exercise toy for obese cats!
  • Interactive toy that attracts the cat to chase it.
  • Available at $22.00/toy.



1. Revolution for Cats:

  • Used for preventing heartworm, fleas, ear mites, and ticks.
  • Simple, quick, and easy to use.
  • Available at $33.50/pack.
2. Virbac: Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser
  • Advanced, non-irritating ear cleanser that is designed to prevent microbial attachment.
  • Removes excessive wax and debris and helps the ear canal in drying.
  • Available at $18.00/125ml bottle.

     3. Absolute Plus Colloidal Silver:

    • Natural antiviral, antibiotic, and antifungal supplement.
    • Helps skin infections, wounds, and hot spots heal.
    • No artificial chemicals, additives, or stabilizers.
    • Available at $34.90/118ml (4oz) bottle.



    1. Kit-Cat Soya Clump Cat Litter:

    • Biodegradable cat litter with a scented aroma.
    • Made from soybean’s insoluble parts found in the production of soy milk.
    • Offers quick clumping, is eco-friendly, and 100% safe.
    • Available at $7.15/7L pack.

    2. Catldea Cat Ears Litter Box:

    • Stylish and sleek luxury litter bin designed for modern homes.
    • Features a two-stage flip flop cover.
    • Step screen that helps your cat keep the litter inside the bin.
    • Available at $59.90/box

    3. JoyPet Cat Litter Deodorant Tablet Natural Herb:

    • Helps in deodorizing the urine smell and marking odors.
    • Anti-bacterial properties keep the litter fresh and clean.
    • One tablet will last nearly two weeks.
    • Available at $5.00/pack.



    1. Paw Made Up and Down 105cm Height Cat Condo White:

    • Best choice for your pets to jump up and down in and enjoy their time.
    • Contains balls for cats to play and bat.
    • Can rest and sleep on the top cylinder base.
    • Perfect for multiple cats!
    • Available at $89.99/ condo.
    2. Ebo Catpal Smart Robot Companion for Cats:
    • Ideal for cats suffering from loneliness and boredom.
    • Can remotely take photos and videos
    • Rolls, spins, and wheels to entertain the cats.
    • Can talk and interact anytime, anywhere!
    • Available at $297.00/device.

    3. Gex Pure Crystal-Clear Flow Bowl for Cats

    • Drinking fountain designed to maintain clean water.
    • Removes pollutants like fur, dust, food waste, and odor from water.
    • Low cost, quiet, and safe.
    • Available at $36.50/bowl.

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