Are Cat Bites Dangerous?

Are Cat Bites Dangerous?

Are cat bites dangerous?

Do you really need to see a doctor if you are bitten by a cat? Cat bites can be just as dangerous as dog bites! They are prone to infection as a feline's needle-like teeth can push bacteria into our skins.

Why Cat Bites Should Be Taken Seriously

action-treatment-cat-bites Did you know more than 40% of the cat's bites get infectious? According to VCA Hospitals, cat bites can be dangerous to both humans and other animals. They carry the risk of infection.  Most of the cats carry a great amount of bacteria that can cause tissue infections in bite wounds. The small, deep puncture wounds are difficult to thoroughly clean. As such, they are tend to trap bacteria inside and those bacteria can spread quickly to surrounding tissues.

If your bite wounds are left untreated, a serious infection may develop within 24 hours. In some cases, wild cat bites can cause rabies. While mild infections can result in slightly discomfort, serious ones can end up in a hospital bed. Read more: Why Does My Cat Bite Me

Signs Of Cat Bite Infections

cat-bite-infections Common symptoms of infections include:

1.Redness According to VCA Hospitals, an infected cat wound will be red. The redness around the wound can vary from light pink to dark, crimson red.

2.Pain According to Dawn Quinn, a registered Nurse, an infected bite wound is painful too.

3.Pus or oozing An infected wound can abscess and puff up with a growth that looks like boil or pimple, according to Love To Know. Eventually, the growth will pop and drain.

4.Fever or flu If the infection is left untreated for hours, it may develop a fever.

5.Odour Some infected wounds may deveop unusual odours.

How To Treat Cat Bites

are-cat-bites-dangerous What to do if a cat bites you? According to VCA Hospitals, you should clean the bite area with running water and avoid scrubbing the wound vigorously. You can clean the wound with a mild salt solution, made by mixing 1 teaspoon (5mls) of table salt in 500mls of water. It's always advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible to have the wound properly treated, especially if the wound is deep. Meanwhile, a tetunus injection is recommended if you haven't had it in the last 5 years.

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