NUTRIPE Dog Food Review

perro Editorial NUTRIPE Dog Food Review

Nutripe Dog Food

There are so many brands of dog food in stores, with each claiming their own worth, you never know which to buy. I know, it's dizzying! So, if you still haven't gotten the foggiest idea as to which top-notch food is best for your dogs, check out our review here on Nutripe, a food that combines great taste with optimal nutrients to give what nature intended for healthy pets!

As mentioned earlier, we have recently touched based with Nutripe - And good golly are their products amazing! With 7 benefits it has, we've just got to elaborate more - Especially for our stymied reader! For those who have not heard of Nutripe, fret not! We are here to get you au fait with their products!

The 7 Benefits of Nutripe

Nutripe is an au naturel dog chow that is made from hypoallergenic grain free and free-range meat that comes with no added artificial preservatives and colours that is easy to digest and beneficial for your dog's skin and coat and teeth!

No Artificial Preservatives No Artificial Colors Grain-FreeEasy to DigestFree Range Tripe Good For Teeth

Dog Skin & Coat Recipe

Besides their key benefits, Nutripe is completely transparent in their ingredients and is also produced and manufactured in New Zealand that is renowned for producing safe, quality and above industry's standard products!

Green Tripe

Lamb Chewy SGLT CGLTC  

Trust me, I had the same reservations about canned food. Are they another brand that serves cans of raw meat that is bleached and have absolutely no nutritional value to our dogs? The answer is No!

Nutripe is all about being Green. In other words, the raw meat ingredients are thoroughly unbleached and unprocessed, leaving nothing but the finest and freshest, just as nature intended! Also, listen up! The natural digestive enzymes from the ruminant retained inside their cans help to purify, cleanse the blood and remove parasite and even certain types of fungus. Impress now?

Greens and Supplements

Nutripe carries a wide range of products to suit your doggies nutritional needs! For your pups who are lacking in a well-balanced green diet, you might want to opt for the Ambrosia range, where an abundance of New Zealand's freshest fruits and vegetables are added!

The Classic Range comes with added digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria to improve metabolism, hormone function and boost the immune system for them doggies. Green Lipped Muscles which provides Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin Sulphate for an improved skin condition, coat appearance, and joint health is also added to greatly benefit your pups!

On the other hand, the 3rd Fit Range comes with Q10, Coenzyme that supports the cardiovascular health, gum, immune systems and energy levels of your dogs.

Amazing no?

No treats or snacks?!

Beef Sticky Lamb Chewy Lamb Chompy                

Nutripe provides a comprehensive range of products including healthy snacks and treats that are 100% natural air-dried! I don't know about yours, but my little precious goes crazy whenever he gets his hands on the lamb chews, randomly added as a special Nutripe treat in our very own monthly Perroboxes. Speaking of which, are you part of the Perrobox family yet? You never know when Perrobox will surprise your pups with NUTRIPE in our monthly gift box! Just you wait! You can check out the full NUTRIPE range here.

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