Dog Party at Happenstance Café!

perro Editorial Dog Party at Happenstance Café!

The perfect dog party.

Time to party! Have you seen that popular dog on Instagram whose birthday party was 10 times better than your 21st Birthday Party (if you had thrown one)? Or those mass dog gatherings at cafes which you so desperately want to bring your furkid to? Don't fret about it, the peeps over at PerroHQ is going to uncover all these awesome places over the next few weeks with prices, capacity, location and more!

A Dog Party, what's that?

First and foremost, dog parties come in many variations (just like human parties but pawsome-er!) Dog parties may include Birthday Pawties, Gotcha Day Parties, Themed Parties and much more! Imagine an enclosed space with little furry four legged kids running about having fun, SO. MUCH. FUN. Pet-friendly cafes, like Happenstance, is a cafe where you can bring your furry little friends to! Which pawrent would want to sulk and worry about them while they're having the best meal of their life? What's better is that you can bring your furkid down to the cafe and plan the paw-fact birthday party for them! IMG_3958
Happenstance Café Additional Information

Weekdays: $30 per pax

Weekends: $60 per pax

Capacity Min. 20  Max. 40 Humans Unlimited Furkids!
Duration 3 hours
Booking Min. 2-3 weeks before the party starts

A la carte

Buffet (min 20 pax)

Decorations Not included in price
Facebook Rating 4.4/5
Location 35 Opal Crescent, Singapore 328425
Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 12:00 - 22:00 Sat-Sun: 11:00 - 22:00
Contact 6341 7871 Email Facebook
Happenstancé Café IMG_2295 Before entering Happenstancé cafe, there is a wooden fence and glass door. The fence acts as a protective barrier so your furry little friends will not run out if you open the glass door! Upon entering, you are greeted with a pretty huge play area and a wooden fenced area on your left and on the right, that's where the dining tables are. Just outside the play area, there is a mop, pee tray, and dustbin. It's for owners to clean up after their pooches have done their business. So be considerate to other patrons/staffs and always clean up if you catch your dogs in action!


So pawrents, pack up your picnic baskets filled with birthday gifts & treats and start planning your furkid's birthday!

Check back for more when we unravel more cafes that hosts dog parties!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post

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