How To Choose a Small Pet

perro Editorial How To Choose a Small Pet


Picking the right pet to welcome into your family is an important process that every responsible potential pet owner must go through. There are tons of options out there, whether it’s a cuddly and furry companion or a more independent fellow that does not require as much attention. Having said that, deciding which small animal is right for you will require as much extensive research as needed for a dog or cat. Let’s begin!

Important questions to ask yourself:

Time commitment

Do you have a busy work schedule or active social life? All pets require attention and care, but some more so than others. If you find yourself constantly out of the house, perhaps a more independent pet would be better suited to your lifestyle. Fish are a great choice - once you have properly set up their aquarium and system, you can establish a simple feeding schedule along with your daily routine. If you have slightly more free time on your hands, you can also consider hamsters as they have basic needs and would enjoy some human interaction as well.

Another important factor to consider is how much time you can devote to your pet’s maintenance. For fish and hamsters, this would require cleaning and refreshing their housing environment. To more adequately gauge whether this is something you can handle, reach out to friends or family members who have experience with such pets to find out more.


Space availability

We all strive to give our pets the best they deserve, but sometimes there are factors beyond our control which we must add into the equation. For example, a big consideration would be space availability for the pet. Fish and hamsters may not require much space, but a rabbit or bird could be beyond what your home can provide. Some small pets need more room to roam about, fly around, or hide comfortably in. Before deciding on which one is right for you, do picture a tentative spot in your home where they would be placed, and do additional research on the space suitability of it.


Taking in a pet, no matter how large or small, comes with lifelong responsibilities for their needs. For instance, furry ones like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and gerbils might require medical attention during certain stages of their lives. As with all senior pets, their health has the likelihood of deteriorating in their later years, which would lead to increased veterinary care needed.

Not to mention, your pet will have regular and more fundamental needs such as food, proper habitat, toys and more. During your decision-making process, draw up a list of potential expenses and calculate an estimated total based on the pet’s lifespan. Be sure you’re always able to match your pet’s needs, especially during unforeseen circumstances.



Family compatibility

If you share a home with family or others, it is vital to take into account their involvement and willingness to care for the pet. After all, your pet will most likely have interactions with everyone it lives with, and therefore should always feel safe and comfortable in its setting. Have a thorough discussion with members of your household first before reaching a decision, not only for their opinion but to establish a proper schedule if this is to be a shared responsibility.




Don’t Rush The Decision

As you can tell, there are lots of questions a potential pet owner must ask themselves first before taking the leap. Finding the right one is a combination of doing the proper research and preparations to fully welcome them into your life. If, after taking these necessary steps and you realise that there currently is no room in your life for a pet, refrain from making an impulse purchase! As always, it is far more important that the pet has all it needs without having to compromise on its well being.

The options out there are nearly endless as long as you take the time and patience to search. As you embark on this journey, it is also important to rely on the best resources available to you. With perromart’s launch of the “Small Pets” category, our family has grown to welcome pets of more shapes and sizes. Take 5% off with promo code “PMSMALL5 on your first purchase, and let us be there for your pet all the way!

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