Interactive Toys For Curious Pets & To Bust Your Pet’s Boredom

perro Editorial Interactive Toys For Curious Pets & To Bust Your Pet’s Boredom

Cats and dogs are genetically wired to seek physical and mental stimulation so they can have positive avenues to burn excess energy while staying active and healthy. However, domestication has somewhat altered their lifestyles. It is now the responsibility of the pet owner to provide enough opportunities to encourage and motivate their pets to engage in natural and instinctive habits and behaviors. Without adequate physical and mental stimulation, pets can become bored and this could be a recipe for disaster. With lots of pent-up energy, a cat or dog is forced to look for other ways to burn energy, and more often than not, they develop undesirable behaviors like inappropriate elimination, destructive behaviors, excessive vocalization, or they may try to find ways to escape.


If your pet cat or dog is left home alone during the day while you are working, you might consider adding another pet so they can keep each other company. However, if this is not feasible, your best bet is to provide lots of opportunities for your pet’s physical and mental stimulation. A busy pet has no time to think of engaging in any monkey business.


Daily interaction with your pet is important

Depending on your schedule, you can choose to bond with your pet during a brisk morning walk, a visit to the dog park, or an early evening stroll. If the weather does not permit outdoor activities, you can play with your pet indoors. These activities are a great way to bond and help release your pet’s energy.


Interactive Toys For Pets

To keep your pet busy while you are out, there are now a lot of super-durable, pet-safe interactive toys that you can leave with your pet during the day. If you have just bought the toy, it is a good idea to have your pet play with it while you are around to supervise. Interactive toys make for a more stimulating playtime for your pet.


Best Interactive Dog Toys


Kong Bounzer Dog Toys

The KONG Bounzer with its classic KONG silhouette compresses to release air when grabbed by your dog. It’s quick to bounce back to its original shape, which can go a long way in encouraging self-play. It’s designed with a top handle that makes tossing much easier. Your dog will surely have a crazy time bouncing, rolling, and playing with his KONG Bounzer.


Senior Classic Kong

The KONG Senior is specially designed with senior pets in mind. It’s made of gentle but durable material perfect for the aging teeth and jaws of older dogs. If you have a home-alone senior dog, stuff his KONG with treats for senior dogs. This will give your pet hours of stimulation, figuring out ways to get each tasty treat out of the Kong.


Kong Classic Wobbler

Your dog will surely have lots of hours of fun and stimulation as he tries to figure out how to make the KONG Wobbler dispense his favorite treats. Because of the toy’s shape, it hardly remains upright when pushed by your dog’s paw or nose-- it wobbles, rolls, and spins!


Kong Puppy Activity Ball

Keep your home-alone puppy busy with the KONG Activity Ball. Just fill the ball with healthy puppy treats and watch your pup chase and play with the ball to have a bite of his favorite treat. The ball’s treat-dispensing feature keeps your pup busy while providing him with lots of mental stimulation.


The Foobler Self-Reloading Puzzle Feeder

The Foobler is designed as a self-loading puzzle feeder with 6 timer-activated pods. This is a convenient way to manage your home-alone pet’s feeding times and portion sizes, which means no overfeeding while you are away. Each pod can be set for a specific time for feeding or for ‘throughout the day feeding’.


What are the best interactive cat toys?


KONG Cat Wobbler

The KONG Cat Wobbler is just the right answer to your cat’s need for physical and mental stimulation. It is one of the best toys for cats’ home alone. The toy ‘s wobbling action makes playtime fun and rewarding as your furball is rewarded with tidbits of his favorite treats.


Catit Play 3in1 Circuit Ball with Multi-Massager Cat Toy

This cat toy and massager keep your cat busy while keeping his nails off your carpet and furniture. It also offers many health benefits as well as stimulation. It comes with catnip which is a plus stimulant for cats. It is one of the best cat toys for indoor cats around.


Play By Paw Made Cat Wood Chew Toy with Catnip

Here is a drool-worthy toy that your kitty will surely love. It is a chew toy made of pure natural wood for moderate or gentle chewers. Its design includes a catnip ball in the middle to tempt your cat to come over and chew. Chewing on the toy is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, freshen up your cat’s breath, and gets rid of the plaque from the teeth.



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