List of Dog Facebook Community in Singapore

perro Editorial List of Dog Facebook Community in Singapore

List of Dog Facebook Community in Singapore


Singapore Specials Club (Dogs)

Do you know about the existence of this special dog breed called Singapore Specials? This dog breed is exclusive to Singapore, which gives them the name 'Singapore Special'. Find out more about Singapore Special and enjoy their fun adventures in Singapore! Contact  Singapore Doggie Community

Lost and Found Pets

Is your dog missing? Or did you find a missing dog? This is one Facebook group you should bookmark just in case. With the help of this group, pet lovers will help you share anything through word of mouth. Contact   

Dogs of Instagram Singapore (SG) 

This Facebook group is a community for pet owners who have Instagram accounts to gather and meet. Share real-life reviews of dog-friendly places and activities in Singapore. Unlike other breed-focused groups, this group aims to promote socialisation of dogs with different breeds! Occasionally, the group organises photo competitions and outings. Contact 

Mini Singapaws

This group is created by a group of dog enthusiasts living in Singa-paw! The members aim to help all dog lovers out during this parenting journey. If you have any questions regarding your pets, the members are more than happy to share health and wellness information with everyone. Not only are they active on Facebook, but they do also hold chats on Whatsapp if you want to join!

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