List of Pet Groomers With NO Chinese New Year Surcharge

perro Editorial List of Pet Groomers With NO Chinese New Year Surcharge

List of Groomers With NO Chinese New Year Surcharge

Chinese new year is approaching and it's the time to look paw-tastic! Just like how hair salons for humans will increase their price, here are some grooming salons you might want to check out. Yay to NO surcharge!

Grooming Loft

Established in 2017, Grooming Loft offers home-based grooming at their very own house. Your doggo is even able to play with its resident corgi. Not only that, grooming loft offers day care services as well! Just like any other groomers, it is strictly by appointment basis only, so quickly book your appointment today! Instagram:  Carousell: 

Wholesome Paws

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Known for its healthy and delicious pet food, Wholesome Paws is an artisan Pet Kitchen & Bakery based in Singapore! Late last year, WholesomePaws opened a new space, allowing pets to enjoy its daycare and grooming facilities as well. Since they are available on certain days and time, book an appointment beforehand! Website Instagram Facebook Location: 12 Jalan Selaseh, Singapore 808438 Sadly, we only have two grooming places on our list. If you know of any more surcharge-free grooming places, we will be more than happy to add on!

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