List of Unique Homemade Dog Treat Stores in Singapore

perro Editorial List of Unique Homemade Dog Treat Stores in Singapore

Unique Dog Treats in Singapore

1. Vastitude

A newly opened store, Vastitude offers a wide variety of baked treats that other shops currently don't! Vastitude offers exotic meats such as croc, venison and frog. Not only that, but there is also the homemade cinnamon peanut butter that both humans and their furkids can enjoy! Shop: Online Store Contact: Facebook

2. Feed My Paws

EASTER NOMS ON SALE NOW! 🐰🐰 link in bio ❤

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Donuts? Yes, dogs can eat donuts too! There is one difference though. Feed My Paws prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients such as kefir cheese, turmeric, spirulina etc. These nutritious little donuts are purr-fect for breakfast or tea breaks! Shop: Online Store

3. Wholesome Paws

Introducing our new range of Wholesome Bone Broths. Our Wholesome Broths are slowly simmered for over 48hrs with a splash of organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar which helps to draw out all the good stuff from the bones. Fats are skimmed off before packing into freezer safe, BPA free pouches with a convenient spout. . Packed with gelatin, calcium, silicon, sulphur, magnesium and phosphorus, glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid & glycine (just to name a few), the benefits of bone broths are countless: High in nutritional values, supports immunity, aids digestive issues, helps liver detox, great joint & mobility supplement, prevents leaky guts (just to name a few 😅). . Wholesome Bone Broth is currently available in: 1. Beef🐮 & Duck🐤 500ml @ $12 4 X 500ml @ $40 (Discount is for same flavours only. Mix&match is only applicable when we have available quantities.) 2. Organic Beef🐮 & Pork🐷 (hormone and antibiotic-free, grassfed and free-range) 2 X 500ml @ $40 (no mix&match) . Shelf-life: This can last pretty long in the freezer. Thaw to use; if you have a tiny dog or only want to feed your dog a little a day, keep half in the fridge and pour the rest into ice cubes to go back in the freezer. We recommend to use within a week once it's thawed. . Delivery: we will only use FastFast delivery or grabcar for this, so it can arrive still frozen. Rates are based on these apps going out from orchard (avoid peak hour). If you drive, you can do pick-ups at Angullia Park. If you are taking public transport, you can pick up from orchardgateway at Somerset at arranged timings (since it needs to be kept frozen). Bring along a cooler bag or you can get one from us at $5.

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Ever tried bone broth? If not, Wholesome Paws is the place you got to get your bone broth fix. Wholesome Paw's bone broths are simmered for over 48 hours with organic apple cider vinegar. Totally great to make meals more palatable for dogs! Currently, they offer three different flavours that your pup can't stop begging for! Shop: Online Store Contact: Facebook

4. Munchin pups

Though not homemade, Munchin' Pups imports premium quality chews from Australia. The chews are 100% natural and only contains one single ingredient. Say goodbye to artificial additives, chemicals and preservatives. Munchin' Pups provides premium quality chews from Australia for your beloved dogs. Our single ingredient treats and chews keep dogs happy and healthy! Shop: Online Store // Perromart Contact: Facebook  

5. Barking Good Singapore

Having a pawty or dog-friendly gathering? Pizzas are the way to go. With a cheddar and apple thin-crust base, dogs are definitely living the high life. Barking Good never ever disappoints! Psst, don't miss out on their newly launched dog-friendly d24 durian tartlets! Shop: Online Store Contact: Facebook

6. loveyumyumbean

Cupcakes with party set 🍰🍔🍪 Happy birthday to Bum Bum and Puffy🐶 #sgpet #petbakery #sgdog #sgdoglover #burgerfordogs

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Burgers and egg tarts, definitely one of your favourite food. How about making loveyumyumbean your dog's favourite too? Originated from Hong Kong, you are definitely in safe hands when it comes to egg tarts! Contact: Facebook

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