Recipe: Dog-friendly Banana Pancakes

perro Editorial Recipe: Dog-friendly Banana Pancakes

It's time to treat your dog to something sweet and nice! With just 2 simple ingredients, you can be a (dog's) masterchef! This recipe should not replace a dog's meal but can be given as breakfast, tea break or just a treat. You can eliminate the coconut oil if your pan is non-stick. By the way, humans can eat it too! This recipe actually derived from someone on a clean-eating diet.


Can dogs eat banana pancakes?

This 2-ingredient pancake is a great treat for dogs but do remember to give it in moderation! 

We hope you enjoyed making this easy recipe... and your dogs ruff it. Let us know if you have any recipe requests and we will try our best to fulfill it for you. We hope you ruff the banana pancakes as much as we do. A tip, we add honey to ours (humans!). As for dogs, you may want to keep it simple, or just dash some coconut oil on it.

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