Recipes: Dog-friendly Radish and Pork Liver

perro Editorial Recipes: Dog-friendly Radish and Pork Liver

Are you feeding dry food to your pup? Is your pup picky? Does your pup always reject kibbles? If your answer is yes, we are here to save you! Try adding some meat and veggie to further supplement the meal! This time, we recommend adding the pork liver and radish, sounds yummy isn't it? YUM!

radish pork liver dog friendly recipe

Do remember to save a copy of this image and get some pork liver and radish! Also, if you are fully on homecooked food and don't intend to add any kibbles, you can still use this recipe! However, pork liver and radish by itself may not be nutritious enough. Try adding another meat protein such as pork, chicken, beef etc. Have fun!

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