Recipe: Dog-friendly Stir Fry Fish and Lettuce

perro Editorial Recipe: Dog-friendly Stir Fry Fish and Lettuce

Always find yourself rotating between the same few meat protein in your dog's food? Here, in this dog-friendly recipe, we used fish! We highly recommend using dory fish, salmon fish, mackerel or even cod fish. Check out the video below to find out how to make this delicious dish! Feel free to cook up this dish and use as an add-on to your dog's dry food in the video! As for dry food, we recommend the nutritious Nutrience Sub-Zero Grain Free Fraser Valley from PerroMart. Its main meat consists of deboned chicken and turkey, making it the best dog dry food in the market. Check out our review on Nutrience Sub-Zero dry dog food here. If you want your dog to enjoy a wider variety of nutrients, just follow this recipe! This way, your pup gets to enjoy fish, turkey and chicken!


Follow these steps carefully and you are on your way to becoming a pup-ster chef. Of course, you can just serve as a meal by itself! Your pup will definitely be gobbling everything down  - we have tried it on our picky resident dogs! 

Start feeding the best food in Singapore to your dog now! Pup-chase your Nutrience Grain Free Subzero here!

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