Life of a Home Groomer In Singapore

perro Editorial Life of a Home Groomer In Singapore
The Facebook community is crazy about Dosch Coiffeur! If you have thought of engaging home groomers, look no further than Dosch Coiffeur. With a stunning 4.9 stars review on Facebook, it is no wonder why Dosch Coiffeur is highly raved. Ask any Poodle owner and you will definitely hear good things about Dosch! In this interview, we specially invited May to let us have a peek into the life of a home groomer in Singapore!

1. Tell us more about YOU and Dosch Coiffeur!


Hello, I am May! I have been passionate about dogs since young. I was mainly influenced by my dad as he is also a dog lover! Before I started off as a groomer, I was working as a marketing executive.  A marketing executive job is less challenging and meaningless, as I just had to sit infront of the computer everyday to complete routine work. Therefore, I decided to make a huge change in my career path. I started from an inexperienced groomer to a professional groomer.

Of course, this process took a lot of effort, time and perseverance. It trains me to be more patient and determined during my 6 yrs of grooming experience and till date, I am still learning. Dosch Coiffeur was founded back in 2014, when i graduated not long ago from grooming school. I have always been thinking of starting my own grooming business, and I thought home grooming might be a good direction to venture into. So, why not try going into this area to serve the furry clients right at their home!

2. What makes home grooming different from normal grooming?

Home grooming provides a very personalized experience for both owner and furry, as sole attention and care will be given to our furry client during the appointment time. There will be no, or minimum distractions from surroundings like other dogs and passerbys. Pets will not suffer any unnecessary stress from foreign environment as well.

3. Tell us more about home grooming / your services!


We will go up to customer's place to provide grooming, or any other pet services as per requesedt. Pets and owner need not step out from the comfort zone, to get your furry groomed! Our pet services includes Grooming service/Daycare service/Boarding service/Dental Care Service/Retail therapy.

4. Have you always wanted to be a groomer, or was it realized later on in your life?

I had this calling in the later part of my life. Back then, my only aim was to save grooming cost every month for my poodle. After that, I wondered why not i do it myself? I ended up turning my passion into a career.

5. What is your favourite 'cut'?


My favourite 'style' is the 'Lamb Clip'. It is both elegant looking and demure. Not many dog's owner can accept this though.

6. What is Dosch Coiffeur's biggest achievement so far?

Dosch Coiffeur's biggest achievement so far is acquiring more new clients every month, into our big family. More people came to know us and our services through referrals and word of mouth.

7. What is the most difficult part of running this business?

Many people have doubts about home groomer being able to provide quality services to their pets, as compare to those groomers who owns a salon.

8. Is it easy to be a groomer?

It is definitely NOT EASY to be one! Takes alot of time, effort and determination to keep going!

9. What can we expect from Dosch in the future?


It is brewing now, secret. Stay tuned to our Facebook or Instagram page!

10. Any advice for anyone who intends to start grooming as a full-time job?

The biggest must-have is the Passion for animals. Like I said previously, determination and patience goes a long way. Don't give up even if things get tough somewhere along the journey. It will make you stronger!

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