Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic

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Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic

Gentle Oak focuses on both physical symptoms and the entire body-mind complex as a whole. The team recognise not just the physical, but emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of every pet. Factors such as environmental factors, emotional well-being and dietary intake are also looked at. Gentle Oak highly advocates health-care and not sickness-care, stressing on the importance of preventive pet care. Gentle Oak believes that true healing occurs when the body-mind system is in good balance and harmony. perronavi-gentle-oak-veterinary-clinic-2 The vet also has a 'LOVE' philosophy, which stands for: Listen, Open-mindedness, Value and Empower. Gentle Oak also practices corp social responsibility. As part of Gentle's Oak initiative to give back to society, they worked with Noah's Ark, an animal sanctuary in Johor Bahru. Gentle Oak believes that all animals - stray or not, deserve to be loved, respected and cared for. As such, the Gentle Oak team provided necessary medical care to Noah's Ark, home to 700 dogs, 300 cats, 9 horses, 2 ponies, 3 macaques, 1 gibbon and 1 wild boar! What an amazing feat.
If you reside in the west area, this is one vet you should look at!

Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic Information

Address: 21 Ghim Moh Road #01-225, Singapore 270021
Tel: +(65) 6250 8001 (Kindly call for an appointment.)

Business Hours

Mon to Fri: 10 am to 7 pm
Sat to Sun: 10 am to 5 pm
Public Holiday: Closed
Contact Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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