Grooming Loft Review

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Grooming Loft Review

GroomingLoft started off as a groomer assistant close to 5 years back then decided to really pursue her passion. GL felt uncomfortable with the idea of caging the dogs up after they are done with grooming. She has always wanted dogs to have their freedom of roaming around, and thus she decided to kick-start her own home grooming business, where they can enjoy the grooming process from start to end under close supervision!
Although it is done at home, services are still comparable to outside! GL does grooming, boarding, daycare. Most importantly, expect loads of pampering at the Grooming Loft! The Grooming loft takes pride in cleanliness, so dog owners don’t have to worry about getting ticks or get skin problems passed to them!
Best of all, you don't have to worry about your dog being all lonely and bored. Grooming Loft's resident dog is ready to keep your pup entertained! Services are currently limited to dogs only, but no harm enquiring QZ about your other furry creatures!


Address: Tampines Street 43 Facebook: Carousell:  Instagram:

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