Grooming Review: Joyfulpetz

perro Editorial Grooming Review: Joyfulpetz

Too busy to take your pet to a pet salon? Don't worry! Joyfulpetz will come to you. Right at your doorstep, Joyfulpetz takes great pride in providing high quality grooming service to your pet. Specializes in home visits since 2006, the home groomer treats your pet like it was her own. Your pet will feel loved and comfortable in her hand. Plus, you can prevent pet shop mishap! Save time and avoid the hassle to bring your pets out for grooming. joyfulpetz-home-groomer joyfulpetz-home-groomer-pet Images from Joyfulpetz

The grooming package comes in 2 options: basic grooming and full grooming. The basic grooming package consists of ears cleaning, nails clipping, paw pad and sanitary area shaving, bathing, express anal glands and blowing dry.

Depending on the size of your pooch, price starts from $30, as shown below. Small breed : $45-50

Medium breed : $55-60

Large breed : $ 65-70

XL breed : $75-80

The full grooming consists of basic grooming, trimming and styling of body fur. Small breed : $60-65

Med breed : $70-$75

Large breed $80-90

XL breed $100-120 joyfulpetz-pet-home-groomer   joyfulpetz-pet-home-groomer-singapore Images from Joyfulpetz

If you need cat grooming, pet walking and pet taxi service, please call to advise on price and availability. Joyfulpetz offers pets boarding and takes good care of your beloved pet while you are away. The prices of home boarding are shown below:

Small breed : $25/day

Medium breed : $30/day

Large breed : $40/day

XL breed : $45/day


Business Hours: Always Open Location: Your house

Contact: 6598895849


Facebook: Joyfulpetz

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