Grooming Review: Masmas Groomers

perro Editorial Grooming Review: Masmas Groomers
Located at Bedok North, Masmas Groomers has been around since 2003! If you live in the east side, this groomer is for you!


The name 'Masmasgroomers' derived from the word Christmas, A day of Joy & Giving! MasMas' aim is to make dogs beautiful through quality care, competent knowledge and the excellent craftsmanship! The stylists of Masmas Groomers focus on pet styling and more importantly, the health and the well being of your pets!

Safety is Masmas Groomers' #1 priority! This can be seen when great emphasis is put on the safety and wellbeing of the dogs. Masmas Groomers takes pride in ensuring the groomers and staff tries their best to make pets and owners happy, and nothing less! The stylist team of Masmas Groomers constantly attend workshops to improve their skills professionally. Skills is nothing, without a clean grooming place! Since pets stay in the same premises for a long period of time, the team at MasMas Groomers puts alot of effort into maintaining the highest level of cleanliness! Say goodbye to possible parasites or even ticks!


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MasMas offer grooming sessions for doggies at a reasonable rate. Best of all, they offer transportation - great for busy paw-parents! If your dog requires frequent grooming, you can purchase grooming packages, which are a lot more value for money! Let's not talk about the free spa services MasMas will be throwing in, when you purchase any packages! Best deal ever.


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Masmas is closed on Mondays and Public Holidays. Opening Hours: Tues-Sunday 10:15AM-7:30PM

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