Restaurant Review: Pasta J

perro Editorial Restaurant Review: Pasta J

Looking for a dog-friendly restaurant? Pasta J is more than willing to do more! They serve your dogs before you. Abling to satisfy every individuals appetite with their variety of pasta. Providing homemade treats or even free kibbles, and thirst quenching ice water for your dogs once you guys have arrived. Rarely also, they allowed your dogs to be seated inside of the restaurant! Their alfresco area is open up for your pets. The indoors are allowed every day, except for Fridays to Sundays, Eves and PH Nights only.  Most of the customers around the neighbourhood would bring the pets along at any time of the day.

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Pasta J's food is presented as a wholesome, really flavourful food in a slightly quirky, not too hip, family friendly environment. They have got a range of pasta from seafood delight Clammy Addiction pasta to exotic Lemon Yogurt Chicken pasta. Something that you will never have tasted before! The amazing combination of flavours they serve is one of a kind. Their approach to food is that of a parent cooking with heart, familiar flavours and generous portions but also with the same down-to-earth approach to presentation, in an almost hip environment your parents would feel comfortable in. 289644_529047560455808_845015966_o image from Except for pasta, crackers, and peach, everything else is made from scratch base on natural ingredient. Pasta J even sells their own product! Their specially homemade pesto sauce that is best dipped in with crackers and mixed with pasta. Besides the mains, they serve starters which are soups. There are soups that are frozen for you to bring home! They made most of their soups and sauces. 13412051_1382830231744199_6765214825814283722_o 13443125_1382830198410869_2349696581632930154_o 13443275_1382830195077536_3044557872005962364_o 13483400_1382830185077537_1367530400294537559_o 13422230_1382830145077541_1225959245241640113_o 13418594_1382830141744208_4101776294493883976_o 13474945_1382830138410875_6606522001509300309_o 13442460_1382830105077545_2421336777605419079_o 13418399_1382830101744212_3013974804498010516_o 13482843_1382830098410879_8906530121371686439_o 13412102_1382829998410889_4490861643423455320_o 13411763_1382829995077556_6845949117600045255_o 13415549_1382829825077573_2622045203275050457_o 13412057_1382829771744245_4263640272744467300_o 13415371_1382829765077579_2049128170830485829_o 13443265_1382829751744247_8292795430755210455_o 13416923_1382829701744252_4442059349775630714_o 13483037_1382829695077586_7012739737853522581_o 13433103_1382829685077587_3780352991230658305_o 13483377_1382829641744258_345802824795201961_o 13443146_1382829638410925_2262041033225486299_o All images from More detail menu is here Head over if you are craving for some comfort western food and a friendly place to dine with your dogs! Looking for restaurants like Pasta J? Here are some pet-friendly places to dine in.


10484629_1043992025628023_5282241253748351433_o Monday to Friday 12 PM to 12 AM Saturday 10:30 AM to 12 AM Sunday 10:30 AM to 11 AM Public Holidays 10:30 AM to 12 PM (unless it is a Sunday) Address: 205 Upper Thomson Road Singapore (574345) Webpage: Tel: +65 9004 1800 Facebook:

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