Paws N Pans Singapore Dog Cafe Review

perro Editorial Paws N Pans Singapore Dog Cafe Review

 Paws N Pans Dog Cafe

Tucked in the Eastern side of Singapore, Paws N Pans is located at 327 Joo Chiat Road. The main purpose of Paws N Pans is to encourage adoption! Hopefully, by providing an environment for them to mingle around with other fellow hooman and furkids, it will increase their chance of being adopted. Paws N Pans regularly work with various dog shelters to hold pet adoption drives for FREE. Each time, they will have 3 dogs from the shelter, who are ready for adoption. So if you are looking to adopt your next dog, look no further than Paws N Pans!

Paws N Pans Interior

paws_n_pans_1 The cute entrance of the Paws n Pans, featuring a floral theme of the exterior! Let's enter, shall we? A piece of great news for all dog owners, Paws N Pans has a total of 2 levels worth of goodness and fun! This just means more space for our furkids to run about, isn't it?! :) As seen in the video, Level 1 is pretty small and can only hold about 10 small dogs at most! paws_n_pans_2 There's a toilet corner for all dogs to do their business at, how cute! If your furkid happens to pee out of the toilet corner, do remember to clean up after your pets using the mop! If your dog needs more space to run about, there is Level 2. Presenting to you, the glorious Level 2! Best of all, there is a cute play area for the dogs to mingle! paws_n_pans_3 paws_n_pans_4 Level 2 is available for rent, be it for barkday pawties or corporate events!  You don't want to leave your furries out on any pawties, definitely! Recently, Paws N Pans started a daycare service by Active K9 Academy at Level 2, so do contact them for more details! paws_n_pans_7

Paws N Pans Menu

paws_n_pans_5 paws_n_pans_6 paws_n_pans_8     paws_n_pans_9 A wide variety of food and drinks for both two-legged and four-legged. For the four-legged, Paws N Pans recommended food dishes are Sesame chicken wings, Ducking Good and Waffles! As for drinks, Thai Ice Tea is a must! :) We gave the sesame chicken wings, Thai Ice Tea and Lemongrass drink a try. paws_n_pans_10

Paws N Pans Rating

paws_n_pans_11 Overall, we had a pleasant experience at Paws N Pans, and will be sure to head back again soon.

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