Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe Singapore Review

perro Editorial Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe Singapore Review


Live, laugh, love! One of the newest pet cafe in town, Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe lives up to its name. Located at Kranji, it is indeed ulu. Being ulu has its perks too, you get a bigger space and chill environment for you and your pups! Known for its big space, it might just be one of the biggest pet cafe in Singapore! ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-2 Big area to play fetch, but forgot to bring your frisbee? Ulu Ulu offers free toys - yes, free toys for your dog! Wait, but you cannot bring them home. Only free usage in the cafe premises only! All types of toys suitable for all sizes and breeds! ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-3 The best part, your dog gets to dip in the pool! Super shiok for hot days! There is also a drying place, but you will have to pay for it. ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-6 More, more and more play area! Totally cute! ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-5 Ulu Ulu provides free water your for pooches too! Hydrate up and continue playing! ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-4

Food & Beverages

There is a wide selection of food for the 2 legged and 4 legged! Ulu Ulu highly recommend the beef steak sandwich. ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-7 ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-8 ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-9 ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-10 We gave the beef steak sandwich, english breakfast, Yuzu spritz and lemon grass a try! The beef steak sandwich really blew our mind away! Yuzu spritz is great for hot days, so refreshing after chasing our dogs around! ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-11 ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-12

Special Promotion for PerroPet Readers

Promotion Details Buy 1 Get 1 free main courses on weekdays * Valid for the month of July Share this article or the video here on our Facebook to enjoy the promotion! ulu-ulu-pet-cafe-13 It is totally worth the distance travelled, our resident dog approves! :)

Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe

Address: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2 D'Kranji Farm Resort #01-10C & 10D, Singapore 718813 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uluulupetcafe/

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