Pet Hotel Review Singapore: Dear Mutt

Krysia Ng Pet Hotel Review Singapore: Dear Mutt

Pet Hotels have become ubiquitous in Singapore during the recent years - In the past, you'd probably have to hurriedly pull out that big black phonebook of yours (handwritten, mind you) to dial up your closest relatives and friends and to trouble them for some personalised dog sitting while you're away on holiday in Bora-Bora or something.

Nevertheless, there has always been some kind of negative stigma that arose from pet hotels, from the dog-abuse horror stories to other chain rumours that they'd lock your babies into steel cages without letting them out for their daily walks all through the week you're on holiday - I'm sure reports like that has broken a few thousand pet owner hearts over the last decade. Naturally, Perropet's here to ensure such a thing never happens again.

In our opinion, Dear Mutt has all the right elements that stand out from the rest of the pet hotels you’d find in Singapore. From the outside, you might even mistake it for yet another hipster cafe embracing the simplicity of minimalism. An amalgamation of their non-ostentatious design together with the clever use of glass doors and wooden floors exudes a homely feel, comfortable and immediately sets you at ease. Claps to their designers from an award-winning architecture firm, Farm - Who also designed the Singapore Art Museum!

So for all you holiday goers who are currently still stymied when it comes to a hotel service for your pups, you might want to consider Dear Mutt.

Our Review of Dear Mutt



No clutter, no mess, no poop. Squeaky clean and impeccably designed, Dear Mutt gives you a sense of calm, knowing that your dogs will be living in a place that truly deserves the word: Hotel. From the whimsical ambient music played softly in the day, to the yellow-tinted lights and aromatherapy whiffs that contribute to their overall cosy vibe, if your stress levels are down, so will the dogs'! 

Oh, and did we mention? Dear Mutt's entirely air-conditioned, 24/7. 

Gosh, we're about to check ourselves in!



Being a place that accommodates dogs, Dear Mutt naturally understands the power of the stench. Thus, taking a rather proactive approach in meticulously cleaning and ensuring that sanitation remains their utmost priority. 

Using regular airing techniques, the hotel utilises specially acquired cleaning agents, safe and non-invasive for the dogs, and wipes down every surface 3 times a day!

Rooms and rates


Yes, you heard us right. Rooms, NOT cages or crates. Housed in a spacious and airy room, big enough for your pup to jump, crawl, leap and bound around, your little annoyances will be treated supremely.  Depending on the size of the room you'd desire for your pup, Dear Mutt offers up 5 room selections, ranging from the smallest at 20 square feet (S40/night) to the largest at 60 square feet (S$130/night). 8692605178_f88d92a9e8_b

But believe me, unless you've got a Tibetan Mastiff on your hands, the smallest room is more than spacious enough, even for medium-sized dogs like my own.

Attention! All dog owners are entitled to a 5% off (during off-peak season) with all adopted dogs! Dear Mutt believes in adoption, do you?

Complimentary Services

Heads up! 24/7 CCTV services are complimentary for first-time customers. Usually, they'd come with a fee. In addition, dog walking is part of the complimentary services applicable to all customers. However, dogs will be walked separately from the rest for safety reasons.

Dear Mutt also believes in paying special attention to those dogs with medical issues. Dogs are treated with the utmost care and respect - No tugging at the leash, no beating, no pulling, no threatening, no loud and scary voices. None of that - Just love, attention, and lots of care.

Staff Services

Friendly and easy to talk to, their attentiveness is key when it comes to their service. Taking note of every single detail and keying them into their computers, their dedication is admirable, and exactly what all pet hotels should emulate.

For more information, please check out Dear Mutt's website here.

Dear Mutt is located at 17 Venus Drive Singapore 574304

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