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Pets are a cherished part of our families. So when they pass on, it's no different than losing any other member of the family. Saying goodbye to a pet in a special way is an important aspect of your family companion's aftercare. And it should be done properly. Being able to provide a proper cremation would mean we can take care of our pets from life till death. You have the special responsibility of making aftercare choices on your beloved pet's behalf. 

Here is the list of pet cremation services in Singapore.


1.Pet Cremation Singapore

Highly recommended for their dedicated and professional service, Pet Cremation Singapore has been in this pet business for more than 20 years. Their services include pet transportation, short and long term boarding, curing pet's skin problem, caring sick animal, long term caring of senior animals, and columbarium service. The rates depend on your choice of cremation. 

Website: Pet Cremation Singapore

Contact No: +65 86168818

2.Mount Pleasant Pet Cremation Centre

Started in 1987, Mount Pleasant Pet Cremation Centre is the oldest pet cremation company in Singapore. Three types of pet cremation services are available, including

private cremation, individual cremation and communal cremation. Depending on the type and the weight of your pet and, the cost of cremation starts from as little as $ 20 for small pets such as rabbits and birds.

Website: Mount Pleasant Pet Cremation Centre

Contact No: +65 62508333

3.Mobile Pet Cremation Services

Established in Dec 2006, Mobile Pet Cremation Services offers professional pet cremation services to the direct public as well as to vet clinics in Singapore. Being a pet-loving inspired cremation service for your pet’s final journey, they promise to your beloved pets will be handled with the respect they deserve. Two types of cremation options are available: Group cremation and private cremation.

Website: Mobile Pet Cremation Services

Contact No: +65 94556355

4.The Pet Hotel

Being a one stop hassle free facilities and quarantine station, The Pet Hotel provides pet columbarium and cremation services for pet lovers in Singapore. Several options for a final resting-place for your beloved pet are available, including common cremation (group cremation), cremation with ashes and private cremation (individual cremation). Price starts from $50, depending on several factors such as the type of pet and type of cremation you choose.

Website: The Pet Hotel

Contact No: +65 6582 2222

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