Signs Your Pet Is Jealous

Krysia Ng Signs Your Pet Is Jealous

It's February, and you know what month this is! 'Tis the season of love -- and jealousy! But there's a larger question: can our simple yet beloved cats or dogs get jealous like us?


Do cats get jealous? Do dogs get jealous?

As it turns out, they can! Just like humans, our pets can experience jealousy over foods, toys and their owners. According to CNN, a research found that canines showed jealous behaviours when their owners displayed affection toward an animatronic stuffed dog that barked, whined and wagged its tail. Pet jealousy is a real thing! Your pet can turn into a green-eyed monster if you are petting another animal!


Understand The Causes Of Pet Jealousy

causes-cat-dog-jealousy Pet jealousy can be caused by:

1. New baby or child

2. New pet in the home

3. New people living in the house

4. New schedule

5. New home and neighbourhood

Signs Of Jealousy In Pets


1. Nibbling or biting of the animal or person

2. Pooping or peeing in places where he shouldn't

3. Cuddling up extra close to you or suddenly licking you

4. Showing destructive behaviours such as tipping over of food bowls or making a mess of the litter box

5. Not responding to you in his typical way such as not making eye contact

6. Hiding

7. Hissing, growling or fighting with another pet

8. Crowding your space

9. Leaving the room when he gets mad


How to know if my dog is jealous?

Just like the above few points mentioned, pay attention to changes in your pet's behaviour! Your dog may act out in defiance or to get your attention, some of the most common changes include eliminating all over, showing destructive behaviours, and fighting with another pet. 

Dealing With A Jealous Dog Or Cat

bichon 1. Pay equal attention to all your pets

If you have multiple pets, be sure that you spend with your pet on a one to one basis. You should never giving too much attention to one pet versus another. And dont pet one animal at the expense of the other. Try to pet or talk to them at the same time so that none of them feel left out. If your pet has to watch you lavish the other animal with your attention all the time, you can't blame him for being jealous. Instead, do your part to give each pet equal time and show fairness when interacting with them.

2. Feed them separately

To avoid conflict, feed them separately during mealtimes. You can set up separate spaces for each pet. Prepare their own toys, beds, food and water bowls as well.

3. Provide positive reinforcement

Try to encourage your jealous pet to interact with the other pet or person. Don't forget to reward him when he stops his jealous behaviour. For instance, you can get him to play with the animal or object of his envy. You can praise him or reward him with treats if he shows positive interactions.

4. And as always -- be patient!

Always supervise your jealous pet when bringing a new pet or a baby into home. If your pet shows jealous behaviour, try to be patient because he is eventually going to get adjusted to the new situation.


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