Creative Ways To Spend Time With Your Dog

perro Editorial Creative Ways To Spend Time With Your Dog

Let's face it, Singapore can be pretty boring. We don't have the luxury of sprawling lawns and hidden creeks to explore. Because of this, the life of a pup in Singapore can be pretty mundane – food, walk, and sleep seems to be the daily routine of the majority of a dog's life here. Luckily, we have passionate animal lovers who have been looking for ways to spice things up for us and our dogs. Here are some creative activities available for us to join with our dogs.

1. Sail the seas

If you're sick of the usual park outing with your pup, how about sailing to a nearby island and stopping for a swim or a picnic? The folks at Pet Cruise 88 have been taking pups and owners on scenic cruises to destinations such as Coney Island, Punggol Beach, Change Boardwalk, and Ubin Seafood. The typical cruise lasts for two hours, but longer options and customisable itineraries are available upon request. If your dog loves the sand and sea, this would be the adventure for you. Rates start at $150 for two to three pax on a weekday.

2. Practice Yoga

This increasingly-popular sport has now hit the shores of Singapore, and so far participants have been loving it! If you are needing to unwind, a session of doga – yoga with dogs – may be just what you need. Doga is a combination of yoga and dog training for dogs and owners to keep fit together. There are currently two companies in Singapore that offer doga classes: Doga Singapore, which conducts monthly sessions in various outdoor settings, and Pawfully Fit, a yoga studio located at Quayside Isle that conducts classes by appointment only. Read More: Have Your Heard of Doga?

3. Spread some love

animal-assisted-therapy If you are looking for something meaningful to do with your pup, volunteering as a dog-handler at animal-assisted activity sessions is a great way to not only bond with your pup, but spread some canine love to those who need it. SOSD's Healing Paws programme conducts weekly sessions in various institutions, such as Asissi Hospice and Lions Home for the Elders. If your dog is friendly and loves meeting people, sign up as a volunteer and support this meaningful cause. Read more: 4 Ways To Give Back With Your Dog

4. Take a dance class

Pick up some new dance moves while teaching your dog some fun tricks at Puppy Colours' Tricks & Dance Class. This six-part class is for dogs of all training abilities. Be prepared to shake it off with your pup as you train it to learn fun tricks such as bow, leg-weaving and backing away. Read more: 6 Fun Commands To Teach Your Dog

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