The Benefits Of A Raw, Freeze-Dried Diet

perro Editorial The Benefits Of A Raw, Freeze-Dried Diet

Most of you would have already heard of the freeze-dried raw diet, but we can't help but to emphasise the goodness of it again! Dogs are natural meat lovers and raw meat is definitely the recommended for their daily meals! For sure, freeze-dried raw food is the best food you can ever feed your dog. Don't forget to watch the video and see what our very own (picky!!) dogs think about freeze-dried raw food! 

What Is Freeze-Dried Raw Food?

Freeze-dried raw food is typically raw meat, with all the moisture removed from it. This ensures that nutrients and vitamins are not being removed from their food. This is very important as you wouldn't want your pup to lose out on any essential nutrients! Best of all, freeze-dried dog food is specially formulated and prepared by experts! It should be noted that freeze dried is not just a simple act of dehydration.

Freeze drying involves the use of specialised technology. Meat and wholesome ingredients are placed inside a freeze drying machine. Following, the dryer will decrease the temperature of the ingredient till its frozen, and apply minimal heat to extract the moisture. This process could take up to several days! Once done, the newly freeze-dried food is sealed in airtight packaging - ready to be devoured by our furkids!

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Is freeze dried food good for dogs?

Freeze-dried food is made up of ingredients that are completely organic and exactly what nature intended. As compared to other commercial food, freeze dried raw food contains a higher protein level, along with more nutrients, amino acids and enzymes!

Sounds wonderful already, right? But that's not all! The high nutritional value will help to maintain your furkid's overall health. Additionally, it will help to freshen smelly breath, prevent your furkid from gaining weight, keep coats and skin healthy, and improve digestive system (say goodbye to smelly and soft poo!). If your pup has been suffering from allergies due to unknown reasons, a freeze dried raw diet may be the answer!

This has been tested and proven by many fur owners, feel free to do your own research too! Also, did I mention the pickiest dog would never ever reject freeze dried raw? It is that palatable! Good news for owners, you will also be able to benefit from feeding freeze-dried raw food! With a long shelf life, you do not have to worry about it getting mouldy. This diet is also highly recommended for working adults, when they are too busy to prepare their meal. Unlike other commercial food, the light-weight airtight packaging definitely takes up less storage in your house. Yes, more room for your dog to run around!


Is freeze dried food healthy?

The simple answer is, yes! Freeze-dried food are able to retain most of it's nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. At the same time, the freeze-drying technology allows for food to be kept shelf-stable without the addition of preservatives!


How To Feed Freeze Dried Raw


Freeze-dried raw food is easy to feed - just add water or goat's milk and you are done! Not sure how much to feed? Feeding instructions are printed on the packaging! Generally, your dog should only be eating about 2-3% of its weight! Freeze-dried raw food can be fed as toppers or just by itself.

If you intend to switch your pup over, do remember to do a diet transition! This will prevent your dog from pooping loose stools everywhere. For example, if your pup is current on dry food, you can slowly add bits and pieces of freeze dried raw into it slowly. Do not rush the transition process and monitor its poo before allowing your pup to be on a freeze dried raw diet fully.

Recommended Freeze-Dried Raw Food Brands

freezedriedraw_primal  freezedriedraw_k9    

I hope you have learnt a thing or two on freeze dried raw food and its benefits! Do check out our previous post, where we did a comparison of freeze dried vs air dried vs dry food保存 保存

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