Have You Heard of Doga?

perro Editorial Have You Heard of Doga?

Dog Yoga, or "Doga" as it is known, is a rapidly spreading phenomenon. Spending quality time with your doggie friend while getting some serious body-toning done yourself is not a hard sell.

What is Doga?

Basically, it is interaction in a pair. Doga is yoga adapted for mutual practice with your beloved pet.  While both of you will exercise, your tailed partner will also be literary used as a living fitness-prop.

It's not just asanas, you also learn massage techniques and safety measures, to avoid any traumas. The animal itself achieves real pleasure from caress and leg stretching. It's a procedural and methodical discipline with a lot of care having to be given to the smallest details.


Which dogs can practice Doga?

Any dog small or large can do Doga. For example, if it's a big dog such as a Rottweiler, you can use him as a support, while a small Shih-Tzu will be a perfect additional load.

Your dog should know basic commands if you are going to attend group classes.  But if you are practicing Doga at home it won't be a problem. You can find a variety of free lessons on the internet, also there are plenty of books and DVDs about Doga in the market.

Getting prepared

The Inventory for Doga is almost the same as for yoga

  • yoga mat
  • bottle of water
  • towels and pillows
  • some dog treats to encourage your pet and make him yield. Professionals notify that treats go only before exercises and lots of those after. Not during the class.

Pros and pros

Dogs LOVE yoga. Besides it being fun, engaging in a team activity with you is double the fun for your pooch.

Meeting with fellow Dogis and Yogis is a great additional perk. Also with regular doga,

  • developed joints mobility
  • increased muscular strength
  • better blood circulation and lower blood pressure

All this will have a great positive influence on your dog's mental state. After  exercising, the immune system gets stronger and even the hardest temper softens. Sleep is perfect and stress is forgotten.

How can I practice Doga?

One session is forty-five minutes long, typically. Dogs have more energy readily available in comparison to humans, move a lot and it makes us, their lazy owners, move a bit as well. Dogs like to copy their human's behaviour so some of them can even do real asanas on their own. Check out this video for a step-by-step guide on how to practice Doga.


Exercises are based on Hatha Yoga. But mostly it is stretching, doing asanas, massage and even singing. Some poses require you to be still for two minutes, which is not an easy task for your quadruple partner. But if you succeed  - really deep understanding appears between you and your pooch. Every session starts with breathing exercises and the dog just sit at his master's feet. During these exercises, the animal learns to react properly on your calmness and gets prepared for relaxation rather than an active game.

Doga in Singapore

Last year, the first mass Yoga Session With Dogs led by local instructor Tanya and her dog, Muddy, held at Ang Mo Kio-Bishan Park. Click here to view photos from the event, and find out information on future events.


Doga is a great way to ensure your dog's health and your own while also getting some super-quality time on board with your pet, who can never get enough of your affection and time.



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