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Join us now to unlock all perks

Perro Club from perromart offers an exciting rewards program with year-long points. As a perromart customer, you are automatically enrolled in the Perro club membership program. Just create a login for your points wallet to start collecting Perropoints.


How to Create a Perro Club Account?

By following these simple steps, you can easily create your free membership account on Perro Club

  • Select the “Sign Up” option from the top right corner of the perromart website and a login form will appear.
  • Insert your name, email, and password in the given spaces and select “create” to create your account.
  • You also can link your Facebook or Google+ account to create the Perro Club account.
  • On successful account creation, you will receive 200 Perropoints directly in your points wallet!


How to Earn Points?

The process of earning points is extremely easy. You will earn points whenever you order something from perromart. With every dollar spent, you will earn 1 Perropoint which you can redeem against a variety of offers such as free birthday gifts, free vet consultation, free goody bags on your pet’s birthday, and much more.

There are some other ways to earn Perropoints too. Such as

  • Like perromart page on Facebook to earn 99 Perropoints
  • Follow perromart on Instagram to earn 100 Perropoints
  • Share perromart on Facebook to earn 100 Perropoints
  • Write a product review with a photograph to earn 60 Perropoints

Also, there are Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers for the members for more and better rewards that can be obtained in the following way

  • When you sign up as a member you are by default at Classic tier with 200 Perropoints in your wallet
  • After completing the 1500 Perropoints, you will be promoted to Silver Tier and will get more rewards than the Classic tier.
  • Similarly, after earning 3500 Perropoints, you will be promoted to the Gold tier with extra perks and rewards than the previous tiers.
  • At the top, after having 6000 Perropoints in your wallet, you will be awarded the title of the Platinum member. In the Platinum tier, you will receive 2x the rewards as compared to all the previous tiers along with many other premium rewards.

So, start earning points and be the Platinum member of the club to collect all the amazing rewards from perromart!



Perks of being a Perro Club Member

What if, while ordering your pet’s favorite food you get discounts and rewards? Exciting, isn’t it? This is what perromart aims to provide you for being the Perro club members. Being a member, you can collect discount vouchers, gifts for your pet, free vet consultation, and many other exciting rewards. So sign-up as a perromart member to win exciting rewards while ordering your pet’s favorite food.



How to Redeem Perro Points?

To redeem rewards, you only need to follow the subsequent steps

  • Select “Perropoints” from the rock bottom left corner of the Perro Club portal.
  • After selecting “Perropoints”, select “ways to redeem” to check your accumulated reward balance to avail amazing discount coupons.
  • If available, select the discount coupon and select “apply coupon” to avail exciting discounts on your orders.
  • You can redeem many annual gifts from Perromart such as goody bags for your pet, early flash sales, birthday gifts, and lots of exciting gifts.

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