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8 items found

Absolute Bites
Absolute Bites: Providing Valuable Nutrient In Convenient Form

Ensure your dog has a safe, flavourful treat! Formulated for dogs with food sensitives, Absolute Bites is devoted to crafting delicious yet healthy dog treats for all dogs and cats. The natural Absolute Bites dog treats are sure to make all dogs beg for more – your dog can’t stop at just one bite!

Which Absolute Bites dog treat is best?
Made with one single ingredient, Absolute Bites offer 3 lines of dog treats. Their treats are air dried or freeze dried to lock in all the nutrients and to preserve the natural taste. Absolute Bites freeze dried line features 13 recipes made with natural ingredients, while Absolute Bites air dried features 14 unique recipes.
Absolute Bites offers real deer antlers as a safe alternative to bones – they are good for heavy chewers!
They are all-natural treats with no artificial ingredients in convenient packaging. They have the great taste your pet will love!

Here are the list of top-selling Absolute Bites Dog Treats:
1. Absolute Bites Half Deer Antler Dental Chew
2. Absolute Bites Whole Deer Antler Dental Chew
3. Absolute Bites Air Dried Venison Ribs Dog Treats
4. Absolute Bites Air Dried Deer Sinew Dog Treats
5. Absolute Bites Absolute Bites Air Dried Deboned Chicken Breast Dog Treats
6. Absolute Bites Air Dried Duck Breast Dog Treats

Where to buy freeze dried dog food?
Absolute Bites freeze dried dog treats, Absolute Bites air dried dog treats and Absolute Bites deer antler are available at PerroMart SG.