Alpo- Doesn't your dog deserve ALPO? A great dog deserves Alpo


What is ALPO?

Alpo food has been one of the most popular and trusted brands for pet food for 80 years. Brought to you by Nestle, it indeed offers the recommended nutrition for your dog. Well recognized for its meaty taste and high protein content, it shall definitely excite your dog regularly.


What about the history of ALPO?

Alpo, an abbreviation of Allen Products, was founded by Robert Hunsicker all the way back in 1936. Since then, they have constantly been upping the ingredients in their canned pet food. After all, it is a subsidiary of one of the biggest and greatest food producers in the world in Nestle. However, one needs to know why Alpo dog food is so good for your buddies. The way they pack their food, the nutrition it provides, along with the blissful flavor that your dog receives.


What ranges does ALPO have?

Alpo food has three different variants for satisfying your dog's hunger. Alpo provides Alpo dog food dry that doesn’t have added preservatives Hence, you ensure that your dog ingests 100% natural nutrients without any harmful substances. In fact, Alpo foods don't even add any food coloring to their gravy. Thus, it is indeed a winner in terms of health benefits as well as nutritional content.

What are the ingredients of ALPO dog food?

The vital ingredients Alpo uses in their dog food are corn and corn germ meal. These provide the crunchiness that dogs generally require in their daily food. The third equally important ingredient is beef and bone meal. They typically have a lower biological value than most other meats, which makes them ideal for dogs. Beef and bone meal concentrates contain 300% more protein than natural meats. Apart from these, Alpo dog food consists of various other nutritious ingredients. These truly provide your dog an excellent base for a healthy digestive system. Moreover, the flavor Alpo adds to these foods is absolutely unique.

Additionally, the brand contains an average protein content of 21% and a mean fat level of 10%. Hence, it is viewed as an extraordinary dog food brand.


Over the years, numerous dog food brands have emerged and made it big as well. However, consistency is the key in the food industry. When you have the backing of a successful food producer like Nestle, the success speaks volumes. Purina Alpo dog food has remained at the top of the chain for a while now, and it shall continue to do so. The sheer quality of their food, paired with the meatiness and the nutritional value, is enough to make it an MVP among dog food brands that’s why there is no Alpo dog food recall 2020.