Travelling is important for most people. Whether it’s relocating to a new house, a visit to friends and family, a vacation trip, or migrating, it has become an essential part of our lives. However, have you ever travelled with a cat? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you know the challenges involved in travelling with your furry feline. Felines do NOT adore travelling, and it’s tough to convince them to travel whether on a short or a long trip. But cat carriers do help in making things a bit easier and safer.


What is the best cat carrier?

There are different carriers available within the market and each one serves a different purpose. Selecting the right carrier is dependent on where the cat is travelling and whether it is a long or short trip.


If you are going to the vet or travelling within the city then a soft fabric carrier would be an ideal choice. The soft carrier will provide your cat with space to stretch and lay down. It also helps them to feel more comfortable.


On the other hand, if you are going on a long trip then it is suggested to use a sturdy little cage shaped carrier. Cage style carrier will keep the cat safe from accidents. You can put food cartage, a blanket, some cat toys, and a litter box for your cat to get through the hectic long journey. If travelling on a plane, remember to search for IATA approved cat carriers.


Do cats like cat carriers?

Carriers are a foreign thing for cats who often stay indoors and introducing your cat to the carrier way before any trip is necessary. You may make it a part of the furniture in his favourite place so that he can familiarise himself with it. Aside from that, sprinkle their favorite food or feed them near the carrier to get them used to it. To get them familiarised more quickly, use your old shirt or blanket with your scent as a bed inside the cage or place their favourite toy inside to let him know that the cage is a “friend.”


How can I get my cat in the carrier?

This is not an easy task and requires patience. As mentioned above, introducing your cat prior to travelling will help make this an easier task as they will be less afraid of the carrier and will easily get inside it without any hustle or fight.


However, if you were not able to do so, then some steps can be followed to get your cat in the carrier.

  • Open the cage door and place it facing upward towards the ceiling
  • Wrap your cat in a towel tightly so that he cannot get out of the towel but not too tight.
  • Put him inside the cage and shut the door leaving the towel inside the cage.

These steps can be followed to get your feline inside the cage.


Can you put two cats in the carrier?

Putting two cats in a large carrier is fine. A larger carrier can handle two cats together in it for a few hours. However, do not do this for more than a few hours as cats need space to stretch. Placing them together for a long period of time confined can make them aggressive and in severe cases, they may start fighting with each other. To avoid such cases, it’s best to place them in separate carriers or to only put them together for a shorter time.