Have you ever used freeze-dried meals on a field camp or during emergencies? Freeze-dried cat food is subjected through the same process as these freeze-dried meals. It involves cooling the raw ingredients to an extremely low temperature-- way lower than the freezing point of water. When frozen, the ingredients are placed inside a vacuum chamber where the frozen liquid is sublimated into a gas. The extraction of water/moisture from the ingredients also destroys any pathogenic bacteria that may be present. This process can make freeze-dried cat food extremely shelf stable. You may re-hydrate the meal by pouring water over the contents and letting it soak for several minutes. After rehydrating, freeze-dried food has similar nutritional value to fresh raw food.


Is Freeze-Dried Cat Food A Better Option?

Freeze-dried pet foods are one of the newer options that have hit the pet food industry. Many experts and pet owners think they are better options in terms of benefits and convenience and many have been switching their pets to a freeze-dried diet. Your pet can enjoy the health benefits of frozen raw foods less the mess and fuss of preparing and giving a frozen or refrigerated diet.


Many pet owners have been reporting favorable results when switching their pets to a freeze-dried diet. These include dramatic improvements in their pets’ health, alleviation of skin allergy symptoms, and maintaining a healthy weight. This diet is great for pets that need to lose weight!


Freeze-dried products are extremely easy to prepare. They mostly involve adding water before being served to your pet. The process of freeze-drying leaves the nutrients intact so it’s like feeding your pet with a fresh homemade raw diet. There is no need to add chemical or artificial preservatives as these products have a longer shelf-life at room temperature.


Benefits of Freeze-Dried Cat Food

  • Better skin and hair coat health
  • Less likelihood of allergy flare-ups
  • Promote better weight management
  • Improve digestive tract function and digestion
  • Stools tend to be smaller and less smelly
  • Support oral health
  • Fresher breath
  • Boost health and immunity


Advantages of Freeze-Dried Cat Foods

  • Ease of use -- Freeze-dried pet food is perfect for pet owners who want to place their pet on a raw diet but want the convenience of dry food (kibble).
  • Ingredients are like a raw or fresh diet
  • No preservatives
  • Not messy to prepare or feed
  • Complete and balanced diet -- Unlike making a homemade raw diet, you do not have to spend time and effort buying the ingredients and preparing the food.
  • Long and stable shelf-life -- Makes freeze-dried pet foods ideal for when traveling with pets. They are also great for the emergency survival kit.
  • No need for additional refrigeration or freezing
  • Easy storage
  • Rehydrates quickly
  • Can be used as tasty training treats
  • Freeze-dried pet food can help transition your pet cat to a raw food diet since it has a kibble-like consistency.


Tips for Choosing Freeze-Dried Cat Food

Even with rave reviews, freeze-dried pet foods are not created equal. It is still very important to make a habit of checking out the list of ingredients and consider the same important concerns that you would take into consideration when choosing a raw food diet for your pet. Take notice of the guaranteed analysis of protein, fat, and fiber.


There are several factors that you should take into careful consideration when choosing freeze-dried food that will optimally meet your cat’s nutritional needs. Good freeze-dried cat food should be made from fresh, top-quality ingredients, loaded with named meat, fewer plant components, and should be made by a company with an excellent reputation in the pet food industry.


Is Freeze-Dried Food Good for Cats?

The quality of any freeze-dried pet food is only as good as the quality of the ingredients that are used in it. The process by which the raw ingredients are preserved have little impact on the nutritional value of the food. Many pet nutritionists believe the freeze-drying process to be one of the best ways of preserving food. Most nutrients -- protein, fats, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients-- that are present in the ingredients before freeze-drying remain intact.


Freeze-dried cat foods are the answer to the need of many pet owners who want to feed their pet cats fresh or raw food which is safe and convenient without dealing with potential contamination and disease transmission concerns that are associated with the handling of raw meat.


Are there Downsides to Freeze-Dried Food?

Freeze-dried pet foods are not without a few faults and shortcomings. The rehydration process will take a couple of minutes, which may be a waste of precious time for pet owners with busy lifestyles. Since freeze-drying is a process that is energy-intensive, it is one of the most expensive types of cat food around.


How Long can you Leave Out Freeze-Dried Cat Food?

After thawing or rehydrating, freeze-dried foods should be consumed by your pet within 2 hours after which any uneaten portion should be disposed of properly.