Benefits Of Interactive Cat Play

Cats are generally perceived as solitary creatures, however, they are actually social creatures though they are not as outgoing as dogs. Pet cats thrive with a lot of interaction with their humans and with other pets in the household. Cats that can spend time outdoors also get lots of physical and mental stimulation. However, as more cat parents become aware of the risks that cats are exposed to outdoors, many pet cats are confined indoors.


How do I keep my active cat entertained?

To prevent boredom, pet owners must create a well-enriched indoor environment. Even with domestication, cats still possess natural instincts and the right environment should encourage them to engage in natural behaviors such as climbing, jumping, catching ‘prey’, etc.


Cat trees, kitty condos, scratching posts and pads, and interactive cat toys feed these natural instincts and will keep your cat happy and busy. Remember being busy means they will not have time to think of engaging in undesirable behaviors that can be difficult to nip.


What are cat’s favourite toys?

There are many toys in the market that cats can enjoy! Just like humans, different cats have different preferences! However, most cats love playing with teasers, lasers, or catnip-filled toys!


What kind of toys do cats play with?

Cats play with a variety of toys, there are balls, teasers, catnip-filled plush toys, and more! Most cats love playing with teasers and lasers which are usually considered as interactive toys.


Why Do Cats Need Interactive Toys

The best interactive cat toys for indoor cats offer several valuable benefits that include the following:


  1. Solve behavior problems

 Cats that display undesirable behaviors, such as aggression, ‘illegal’ scratching, etc. tend to have too much energy. They need positive avenues to burn their excess energy and what better way to do this than by letting them play with interactive cat toys. These toys keep them busy and divert their attention.

 2. Relief from stress and anxiety

 Cats that are exposed to stressful conditions can suffer from anxiety. A sudden change in their daily routine, moving to a new home, travel, the arrival of a new family member, etc, can be stressful to your furball. Playing interactive toys with your kitty for a few minutes can help ease the stress that are hounding him and make him relax and purr contentedly.


 3. Physical stimulation

Interactive toys encourage cats to move and burn excess energy. Being confined indoors and living a sedentary lifestyle can increase a cat’s risk of becoming overweight or obese which can eventually pave the way for obesity-related issues, many of which can be serious and life-threatening. Regular play with interactive toys can help keep away the extra pounds.


 4. Great bonding Time

Playing sessions with your kitty are excellent opportunities to strengthen your bond. Constant interaction is a great way to water and nurture the bonds that you and your pet share together.


5. Builds confidence

Bad experiences or recent exposure to stressful conditions can make cats timid or easily scared. They tend to shy away from human contact by hiding under the bed or furniture. An interactive toy or two can surely arouse your cat’s curiosity and entice him out of his hiding place.


What are the best interactive cat toys?

The best interactive cats toys include:

  • Cat tunnels
  • Cat exercise wheels
  • Fishing Pole Toys
  • Cat climbing toys
  • Cat puzzles
  • Cat lasers
  • Toy mice
  • Cat toys with catnip


For home alone cats, some popular interactive cat toys for when you not home include:

  • Electronic cat toy
  • Cat tunnel toy
  • Cat hiding toys -- cat tree, cat towers, kitty condo
  • Cat treat toys -- food puzzles
  • Catnip cat toy
  • Cat spring toys
  • Crinkle balls
  • Squeak toys


Interactive Cat Toys for Older Cats

With their stiff and painful joints, senior cats won’t be able to keep up with laser lights and ping-pong balls. But they will surely have fun with teaser wand toys, roller ball toy, electronic prey toy, a catnip toy, and a tunnel tube.