Nutripe Dermiracle Skin Supplement (60 Capsules)


Nutripe Dermiracle is a 100% natural skin supplement suitable for both dogs and cats. Dermiracle is formulated with Emu Oil, a unique source of natural oils. Emu Oil contains vitamins A & E which acts as an antioxidant and healing agent that renews and repairs the skin. It also contains oleic acid which is a proven skin cell regenerator and anti wrinkle agent. Sapogens, a component that acts as skin softeners are also found in Emu Oil. Using Dermiracle nourishes and moisturises your pet's skin to maintain the youthfulness and vitality. Dermiracle is also anti-inflammatory that helps to soothe the skin from irritations, inflammation and sun or scar damages.


  • Emu Oil Skin Supplement
  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • 100% natural
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Renews, repairs and moisturises pet's skin
  • Anti-inflammatory and with healing agents
  • Slows down ageing and maintain vitality

      Nutritional Info


      Emu Oil (EFAs), Gelatin, Glycerol.

      Feeding Instruction

      Weight in Kg  Capsule/day
      Cats & small dogs (< 10kg) 1 capsule
      Medium dogs (10kg - 20kg) 2 capsules
      Large dogs (> 20kg) 3 capsules