Catly Natural Anti-Mites For Cats 100ml




Natural mite defense in cats with Catly Anti-Mites Mites are disturbing parasites that infect cats. can. The mites may have allergic reaction and itching at the cats and thus cause infections by scratched up Open the way for the skin to enter the organism. Catly Anti-Mites is a spray that contains purely natural ingredients
combined to gently remove mites from your cat in a gentle way
to keep me away.


  • Acted by essential oils
  • Does not require harmful chemical products or insecticides
  • Tested and manufactured in Germany
  • Bio and vegan

Nutritional Info


Aqua, neem oil, rosemary oil, polysorbate


In case of mite infestation spray the coat of your cat at least all two days with Catly Anti-Mites. In case of stronger infestation the application should be carried out more frequently. Can also be used preventively. can be used to achieve this."

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