Best Balls to Play Fetch with Your Dog


Fetch is one of the oldest games that dogs play with their humans. Going after a ball and fetching it provides a lot of mental and physical stimulation to dogs. Whether your dog likes to play with a ball that squeaks or one that makes him leap, there is a ball for each canine.


A sedentary lifestyle has led to overweight issues or obesity. The ancestors of dogs lived an active life, roaming the wilds in search of prey. Even with domestication, regular physical activity remains to be one of the basic needs of pet dogs. A dog’s exercise needs will depend on several factors like age, breed, and health status.


Most dogs can’t resist the fun and stimulation of a good dog ball game! There are just so many types of dog balls out there and you should know which ones are safe for your pet while providing hours of fun and play.


Squeaky Balls for Dogs

The best fetch toys for small dogs are light and easy to take a hold of with their teeth. The Kong Off/On Squeaker Dog is perfect for smaller dogs. These squeaky balls for dogs come in two sizes (M/L). They’re non-abrasive which means it won’t wear down your pet’s teeth. Another crowd favorite is the

Kong Large Airdog Dumbbell Dog toy which is actually a tennis ball and squeaker toy-in-one. It’s made of special non-abrasive felt and available in 3 sizes -- small, medium, and large.


For dogs whose idea of fun is giving a squeaker toy lots of shaking and thrashing, the extra-large

Kong Patches Adorables Frog Dog Toy will surely be a hit for long-lasting play sessions.


Soft Balls for Dogs

Soft balls like the Kong Puppy Ball with Hole Dog Toy is great for games of fetch and retrieve in puppies. Its puppy rubber formula is puncture-resistant and can help ease teething woes while learning correct chewing habits.


Give your dog a different kind of chewing-on-a-ball experience with the Petstages Rebound Ball. It has a ‘bounce back’ feature that causes the ball to spring back when it’s compressed inside a dog’s mouth.


Another perfect chew toy for puppies is the Kong Puppy Activity Ball for Dogs. It’s perfect for hyperactive pups with lots of energy to burn. Boost the fun by filling the ball with your pet’s favorites treats. This treat-dispensing feature will surely keep your pup entertained as well as physically and mentally motivated.


Strongest Balls for Dogs

For heavy chewers, an indestructible dog ball like Zee Dog Canon Ball Dog Toy is an excellent pick. This large puncture-proof dog ball is made of 100% rubber to withstand all the chewing and the biting. It floats on water, too. If your dog loves swimming in the water, up the experience by playing fetch in the water.


Bouncy Balls for Dogs

For serious games of fetch, Kong Sport Balls are tough, rugged, and extra bouncy. They are available in assorted colors. Then there’s the Kong Classic Ball Dog Toy. It’s durable rubber material makes it puncture-resistant and gives it more bounce for fun games of fetch.