Are Dog Diapers A Good Idea?

Dog diapers are similar to the ones that are used by children or adults with urinary incontinence. The only difference is that dog diapers are designed with a hole for the tail. Several styles of dog diapers are available. For male dogs, there are male dog diapers that are usually called belly band or male wraps. It is designed to be fitted around the midsection of the dog.


Do Diapers for Dogs Really Work?

Yes, they do! Here’s a list of situations in which dog diapers will come in handy:


  • As a tool in potty training
  • Post-operation
  • Incontinence in senior dogs
  • Contain the mess of female dogs that are in heat
  • Keep the floor from urine stains and odors when potty training
  • Help when dogs are dribbling urine everywhere


What are the best diapers for dogs?

There is no hard and fast rule for the best diapers for dogs but some factors to consider would be the absorption rate of the diaper, ease of use, and how well it fits your dog to prevent spillage.


Things to Keep in Mind When Using Diapers for Dogs

  • When diapers are used in female dogs that are in heat, always remember that this is not done to prevent pregnancy. An intact male dog can easily dislodge the pad.
  • Make sure to change your dog’s pads regularly. Letting your dog wear a wet diaper for much longer than necessary can increase the risk of skin sores and infection.
  • When used as a tool for potty training, it should be emphasized that letting dog diapers are not a replacement for house training. It’s only used as a part of the regimen to achieve the desired results.


Pros and Cons of Dog Diapers



  • It’s greatly beneficial for incontinent dogs. Senior dogs or those with hormonal imbalance or physical abnormalities may be unable to control their bladder. Letting incontinent dogs wear diapers can help keep the floor, couch, and their bed dry.
  • A female dog that is in heat has some bloody discharge from their vulva that some may call as ‘menstruation’. Letting her wear a diaper can prevent constant self-licking and help keep the house cleaner. Take note, however, that it could not be effectively used as a chastity belt to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • Prevent mess-ups when taking your dog to a friend’s house or pet-friendly business establishments or during trips.
  • Post-surgical care for dogs that are unable to go outside to the potty area.



  • There is a need to change a dog’s diapers regularly as any urine or poop can pave the way for a number of skin issues. Over time, this can increase your pet’s risk to bacterial infections affecting the skin as well as the dog’s reproductive and urinary system.
  • Some dogs eat soiled diapers, an instinct that is part of their den mentality, that is, with the purpose of keeping their den clean.


Disposable VS Washable Dog Diapers: Which Is Better?





Disposable Dog Diapers


  • Convenience - You can easily dispose of soiled diapers into the waste bin and replace it with a clean one.


  • Expensive - While dog diapers are a convenient solution for short-term use, long-term use can be impractical money-wise.


  • Some pet parents use regular baby diapers instead of dog diapers for their pets since they are similarly made. However, diapers for human babies may contain chemicals, gels, and dyes that can have adverse effects on dogs, especially those with sensitive skin.


  • Most disposable dog diapers are flimsy. You could easily rip one up when you pull too hard on the diaper’s side tabs.


  • Not eco-friendly -- This type of diapers are non-biodegradable.


Washable Dog Diapers


  • It’s a feasible solution, money-wise, if your dog needs to wear a diaper for the rest of their life.


  • They’re made of material that is tougher because they are made to be used and washed over and over again. They won’t easily rip or tear when you’re changing your pet’s diapers.


  • If you’re ‘going green’, washable diapers are the best choice for your pooch.


  • You won’t have any worries about dyes, chemicals, and gels that are potentially harmful to your dogs.
  •  It will take time and effort to clean-up a dirty diaper.


How Often Should a Dog’s Diapers Be Changed?

Ideally, a dog’s diapers should be changed at least every 3-4 hours. The diaper should be replaced immediately when it’s soiled. Urine or feces that is allowed to sit against the skin of your dog can be very uncomfortable and can lead to infections. Also, your dog may pull or scratch at his diapers in an effort to relieve their discomfort.