Dental chews make a big difference in your pet’s teeth and gums. Studies have shown that dogs that regularly chew tend to have less buildup of plaque and tartar. Some types of dental chews and treats have been shown to reduce plaque by about 70%. How can chews do this? Chewing can exert a mechanical action on the dog’s teeth and help remove plaque that may have accumulated before they can harden and become tartar.


Dental chews or treats offer several important benefits for dogs, such as eliminating bad breath and improving oral health. With so many types of dental chews out there, you should know which ones will offer the best benefits for your dog. Always monitor your pet -even tougher chews, like rawhide, can soften and small pieces can break off. When swallowed, these can become potential choking hazards.


Do dental chews really work for dogs?

Dental chews are not created equal, which means that certain factors that can ensure that they do work, such as their design and texture. Chews that are too hard can fracture teeth. The best dental chews are natural dental chews such as bully sticks or deer antlers. These are long-lasting chew items and can withstand more than 30 minutes of gnawing every day, enough time to reap the maximum benefits of the scraping action on the dog’s teeth. Be sure to remove and dispose of dental chews when they are small enough to be swallowed to avoid any problems.


How often should you give your dog a dental chew?

This depends to a large extent on the type of dental chew. Some dental treats are made for daily use while there are long-lasting chews that can last for several days or weeks of gnawing.


How do you get tartar off a dog's teeth?

Tartar forms when plaque on the teeth combines with calcium deposits in the saliva and harden. Gnawing on chew toys and dental treats can help remove mild tartar. But once tartar has hardened and accumulated, there is a need for a professional dental cleaning that will be performed by a veterinarian. 


Can I scrape the tartar off my dog teeth?

Removing tartar off a dog’s teeth at home is not recommended. Even if there are plaque and tartar scrapers that you can buy at pet stores or online, it will take special training and experience to safely scrape off the tartar from your pet’s teeth without causing any damage to the gums. There is also a possibility that trying to scrape off the tartar from your pet’s teeth may accidentally shove the tartar under the dog’s gumline which can pave the way for more serious oral health issues.


Will coconut oil remove tartar from my dog's teeth?

Coconut oil is used as a natural yet effective toothpaste substitute for dogs. It contains lauric acid which has antibacterial properties that can help get rid of harmful plaque-causing bacteria in the mouth and prevent the formation of plaque. It cannot be used to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth but it can, however, help prevent its formation.


What are the best dental chew for dogs?

Dental chews that contain simple ingredients and do not contain food colouring are the best for your dogs. We personally prefer feeding natural dental chews such as bully sticks, antlers, and yak chews!