Dog Owner’s Guide To Eye And Ear Care

The eyes and ears of dogs are common avenues of health issues. The good news is most of these problems can be prevented with proper eye and ear care. Keeping your dog’s ears and eyes clean should be a part of your pet’s grooming regimen.


What is the best way to clean a dog's eyes?

The eyes are extremely sensitive organs thus you should make sure that whatever eyewash you apply in them should be gentle and mild. The Espree Optisoothe Eye Wash For Pets contains Aloe Vera to prevent irritation. 1-2 drops of eyewash can flush away any dust, debris, or foreign matter from your pet’s eyes. If your dog has a light-colored hair coat and is prone to tear stains, make sure you have the right product to remove these unsightly stains because they are pretty stubborn and can cause bacterial build-up. Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Powder For Pets is great for tear stain removal. Eye wipes with natural ingredients, like Aloe Vera, offer a convenient way of keeping your pet’s eye area clean and healthy.


How do I get rid of my dog’s eye discharge?

The simplest way to remove your dog’s eye discharge is to soak cotton wool in some warm water and clean the discharge or gunk away gently, around the eyes, lashes, and eyelids.  


Of course, even with your best efforts, there is still the possibility that your pet can have their share of eye problems. If you notice any of the following symptoms, be sure to make an appointment with your vet immediately.


Signs of Eye Infections in Dogs

  • Excessive tear production
  • Squinting or keeping the eyelid close
  • Pawing or scratching at the eye
  • Cloudiness of the eye
  • Third eyelid appears collapsed or distended
  • Redness
  • Eye discharge
  • Dog conjunctivitis

Dog eye infection treatment usually involves ophthalmic ointments that should be prescribed by your veterinarian.


Will a dog’s eye heal itself?

While the majority of eye issues are minor, especially mild ones, assess the situation and if there appear to be eye infections, consult your vet immediately!


 Care Tips for your Dog’s Ears

A dog’s ears are prone to infections and mite infestations. In fact, ear infections are among the top reasons for visits to the vet. Ear problems are quite common in dogs with long, floppy ears as the moisture in their ears is excellent for bacterial growth.

Ear infections can be very painful and uncomfortable. It can occur in the outermost part (otitis externa), the middle part of the ear canal (otitis media), and the innermost part (otitis interna).


Signs of Ear Infection in Dogs

  • Intense itching or pain causes the dog to scratch or paw at his ears
  • Persistent head-shaking
  • Tilting of the head
  • Foul-smelling discharge
  • Ears appear red and inflamed


With regular cleaning and examination, ear infections can easily be prevented. It’s really easy using the Sentry 2-in-1 Ear Cleaner for Dogs. It’s a medicated ear flush that is indicated for cleaning the ears and/or treating an ear infection that may be present.