Freeze-Dried Dog Food - Is It Healthy For Dogs?

Have you ever wondered why freeze-dried dog food is way more expensive compared to other types of pet food? Most freeze-dried dog food products that are made by reputable pet food manufacturers with organic ingredients, such as meat from certified grass-fed or humanely raised food animals without the use of preservatives, or if there are, only natural preservatives are used. Some formulas have as much as 95% animal meat from muscles, organs, and raw ground bone.

These very high-quality products are extremely shelf-stable. Most of the ingredients are raw or have undergone light processing. The most quality ones are grain-free.


Is freeze-dried food healthy for dogs?

Yes, it is! The process of freeze-drying preserves a huge chunk of the nutritional content of the raw ingredients used in these products. Freeze-drying of raw meat helps leave wholesome nutrition intact.


Benefits Of Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Here are some important reasons why you should consider switching your dog to freeze-dried pet food:


  • Longer shelf-life compared to kibble

Unopened freeze-dried dog food can be stored at room temperature without any possibility of spoilage or rancidity. This can be attributed to its extremely-low moisture content (only about 3-5%). Most kibbles contain about 10% moisture. With less moisture, there is less chance of biological activity.


  • Dogs love it

Most dogs find rehydrated freeze-dried raw food to be very palatable. Ingredients that under freeze-drying still have most of their flavor intact and concentrated. This is one important reason why freeze-dried raw food is recommended to senior dogs or those that are chronically ill to entice them to eat.


  • Top-quality ingredients

To maintain the quality of their products, manufacturers commit to using only top-quality ingredients.


  • Raw food diet

Freeze dried diet allows you to provide the benefits of raw without the mess. It also ensures that the food is safe for consumption and free of harmful bacteria as most companies like Primal will run tests to ensure that these are not present.


Types of Freeze-Dried Dog Food

There are several types of freeze-dried dog food in the market. They come in various appearances, forms, and even ingredients. Some have been formulated to contain high percentages of protein and fat. There are even those that have more fat content than protein. Be sure to check the product’s guaranteed analysis especially if your pooch needs to be placed on a low-fat diet.


Most freeze-dried dog food are advised to be added with water (rehydration) before being served. But some are formed into small cubes that can be given as treats without adding any water. Rehydration or adding water to freeze-dried dog product adds bulk to the food. This makes it more filling as well as easier to digest.


There are freeze-dried dog foods that come in powder form and can turn mushy when added with water. Some powdered forms have been added with large chunks of meat, fruits, and/or veggies.


Freeze-Dried Dog Food VS Dry Dog Food




Kibble (Dry Dog Food)

  • Helps reduce dental plaque and tartar
  • Promotes healthier gums
  • Reduced risk of bacterial infections
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Less risk of becoming spoiled or rancid
  • Cost-efficient
  • Available in a wide variety of choices in terms of flavor, source, and cost
  • Does not require preparation
  • Premium quality kibble is balanced and complete
  • Many types of kibble incorporate low-quality ingredients, such as meat-by-products, unnamed meats, artificial coloring, preservatives, and sweeteners.
  • Typically rich in carbohydrates
  • The quality of the ingredients used between kibbles varies significantly making it very difficult for pet owners to differentiate.
  • Preservation of quality and vitamin levels diminishes with time.

Freeze-Dried Dog Food

  • Lightweight
  • Extremely shelf-stable (longer shelf-life)
  • Subject to minimal processing or raw
  • Only the highest quality ingredients are used
  • Ideal for dogs with a poor appetite because once water is added, the flavor is restored.


  • It’s the most expensive type of dog food
  • Some are formulated for special cases, such as ‘intermittent feeding’ or ‘supplementation’.
  • The product may not be available in all pet stores.


Which is better freeze-dried or dehydrated dog food?

While both of these types of dog food have the water component removed, there are distinct differences which include the following:


  • Amount of moisture that is removed -- In freeze-dried dog food, as much as 99% of the moisture content is removed from the formula, while it’s only 95% for dehydrated dog food.
  • Dehydrated dog food uses low heat to create the products. This means that some of the vitamins and minerals may have been lost.


What is the best freeze-dried dog food?

When it comes to selecting the best freeze-dried dog food, the following considerations are usually considered before making the ‘big switch’.


  • Steer clear of freeze-dried foods that use artificial coloring, flavoring, or additives.
  • Know where the product has been manufactured. Choose countries that maintain strict standards and regulations of quality control. This can help ensure that the freeze-dried food your pooch is eating is untainted by dangerous and/or unidentified ingredients.
  • Be wary of freeze-dried pet foods that are priced way lower than other freeze-dried pet food products. These are low-quality and it can mean the manufacture made cuts along the way, from the ingredients used to the manufacturing process to the packaging, which can adversely affect the quality of the product and could be possibly dangerous to your pet.


The ingredients should contain plenty of omega fatty acids. Some of the most common ingredients with high omega fatty acid content include flaxseed, salmon, fish oils, assorted vegetable fats, and fish meals.


The best freeze-dried dog food brands in Singapore include:

Primal freeze dried dog food

These products are known for using only human-grade ingredients and don’t contain any type of grains, such as rice gluten, rice protein concentrate, or wheat gluten. Primal focuses on providing the ancestral diet that dogs use to have and provides a good range of meat, organs and vegetables.


WOOF freeze dried dog food

Manufactured by NZ Natural Pet Food, WOOF focuses on providing a balanced diet and using ingredients indigenous to New Zealand. It features superfood such as green-lipped mussels (great for joint health), manuka honey (for immunity and skin and coat health), kelp, chia seeds and more!


K9 Natural freeze dried dog food

These products contain whole food ingredients from New Zealand and are 100% all-natural, free-range, and grass-fed. K9 Natural also incorporates blood in its formulations which is very rich in essential nutrients.