Dog Harness

A dog harness is somewhat an alternative to a leash but it has its own particular uses too. These work with collars but the collar only covers the neck part of your dog while harnesses cover the part to the torso of your dog. There are many types of harnesses but considering the applications and the uniqueness in design, there are a few types that need attention while selecting them. Some people use the dog harness for training purposes and some use it to keep their dog in control while traveling in the back seat of the car or during outdoor walks. The first type is the freight harness which is usually used for bigger and stronger dogs who can pull weight. These are also called assistance harnesses which are mostly custom designed for the owners according to their needs to support the wheels of their carts. Then there are racing or X-harnesses which are mostly made of leather as it serves the purpose for a long time. The last and newly used type is the Hybrid harness which is very helpful to spread the weight in different proportions so that dog can be kept safe while loading. These are more like freight ones but more advanced, padded and with wide chest bands. Some people use specially designed harnesses for their dogs for protection training and attack purposes as well.

How to Choose Best Dog Harness?

Choosing a harness for your dog is very simple and easy as long as you know what you need it for. The main thing is to make the dogs wear it from a very young age so that he can get used to it. The main thing to look for in a good harness is obviously the material it is made of as the design is mostly the same as the purpose is to make the process fun and comforting for the dogs. The material should be soft and gentle but should fit the dog perfectly without any choking involved. It should be the right size for your dog and easy to put on and take off. You can find a quality dog harness in Singapore very easily because of the good pet markets there. The factor that is sometimes very critical is the durability of the harness and the care that it takes to avoid any harm to your dog especially if he likes to chew things. The harness that is perfectly stitched lasts longer even during pressure pulling and tugging. The dog harness in Singapore is made exquisitely well with top notch material.


The Verdict

The purpose of a harness is not just training, assistance, and control. It is great to spend some moments with your dog teaching him lessons but the most part of the session should be socializing and having fun. Always give them enough time to get used to wearing it and don’t correct them at every step. Let them go all the way so that they can progress towards better and more positive experiences.