Why Does Your Dog Need Interactive Dog Toys?

Did you know that interactive dog toys continue to be one important tool that could help with separation anxiety? When your pet is busy playing with an interactive toy, he will not get bored. Boredom is a potent fuel for the development of undesirable behaviors in dogs.


If you are not sure whether buying your pet an interactive toy or two is a good idea, here are some reasons that would surely make you change your mind:

  • Interactive toys promote physical stimulation. They can provide your pet with plenty of physical activity throughout the day.
  • Interactive toys stimulate the mind. Playing can sharpen a dog’s problem-solving abilities with healthy mental stimulation.
  • Interactive toys keep your pet dog busy when you’re not around. Solving puzzles and getting a treat out of the toy can keep a dog busy and engrossed so that he won’t feel bored and alone.
  • Interactive toys help keep your pet’s weight healthy. Playing with them is a positive way to burn pent-up energy and expend calories.
  • Interactive toys help to prevent undesirable behaviors. Dogs that are left home alone often can develop separation anxiety and unwanted behaviors, such as destructive chewing, excessive barking, etc.


Types of Interactive Dog Toys

There are a variety of interactive dog toys all based on the same principle -- to provide dogs with hours of fun interaction as well as physical and mental stimulation. The most popular interactive dog toys today include the following:


  • Treat-dispensing toys

Pawbo+ Interactive Camera and Treat Dispenser for Pets is a state-of-the-art interactive Wi-Fi pet camera that allows you to keep an eye on your dog from your smartphone anywhere you are in the world provided there’s a stable internet connection. It has a built-in treat dispenser that allows you to reward your pet’s desirable behavior immediately.


The Kong Treat Spiral Stick Dog Toy appeals to a dog’s natural foraging instincts. The unpredictable movement of the treat-dispensing stick will surely keep your dog physically and mentally engaged.


  • Electronic interactive dog toys


Are puzzle toys good for dogs?

Definitely! The Foobler Bluetooth Self-Reloading Puzzle Feeder is the latest trend in interactive toys. It’s a way to feed your pet at specific times of the day while giving him hours of physical and mental stimulation. It can be linked to your smartphone making it possible for you to track your pet’s activity. It has 4 timer settings with 6 food pods that have a food capacity of 2 cups.


  • Ball launchers

These interactive launchers are designed for dogs to enjoy a game of fetch without involving his owner. These make great interactive dog toys for large breeds.


  • Hide-and-seek toys

These toys sharpen a dog’s intelligence and problem-solving abilities. The Kong Ballistic Hide n Treat Dog Toy is designed with heavy-duty pockets with Velcro enclosures where you can hide the treats. Dogs have to go through varying levels of difficulty to get at a bite of their favorite treats. For an easy challenge, you can leave the pockets open or close them up to increase the difficulty. For a more challenging play session, close the toy completely to form a ball-shaped fetch toy. This simple toy could certainly be one of the most challenging dog toys.


  • Tension toys

Dogs that love frequent sessions of tug-of-war will surely love an interactive tension toy like ZippyPaws Monkey RopeTugz Blue Dog Toy. It’s perfect for interactive play sessions between you and your dog or between multiple dogs in the household.


  • Moving dog toys

These toys are great for dogs with a strong instinct to hunt for prey.



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I keep my dog entertained while at work?

There are several ways to keep your dog entertained at home while your work. These include the following:


  • Interactive toys, such as treat-dispensing toys and food puzzles
  • Chew toys
  • Natural dog chews
  • Turning on the radio or TV for dogs
  • Pet monitors
  • Hire a dog walker
  • Having a spot by the window where they could look out and watch the outside world.


What toys will keep a dog busy?

When a dog is busy, he won’t have time to get bored and engage in mischief. Boredom is a potent fuel of undesirable behavior. Keeping your canine busy will keep him physically and mentally stimulated. Some popular toys to keep your dog busy include chew toys, interactive puzzle toys, a durable plush dog toy, treat-dispensing wobble toy, dog-safe balls, rope balls, and interactive ball launchers.


How do you mentally stimulate a dog?

There are many ways to stimulate your pooch mentally, letting their brain work, and keep them busy. Some of the most popular ways to give your dog mental stimulation include the following:


  • Letting him work for his food using a food-dispensing toy such as the Kong Wobbler and Foobler Bluetooth Self-Reloading Puzzle Feeder.
  • Take your dog on outdoor excursions and give him some freedom to sniff and explore around.
  • Keep your dog busy with interactive toys, like puzzles.
  • Teach your pet some new tricks.
  • Play games that encourage dogs to use their nose to find things.
  • Teach your dog to tackle an obstacle course.
  • Engage in more interactive play with your pooch.