How much is a dog toy?

A dog toy ranges from $2.50 - $80!

Should I leave toys out for my dog?

If your dog has a favorite comfort toy, you should probably leave it out all the time for him! It’s always a good idea to give your dogs some toys to play with to keep him entertained and stimulate his mind! If you worry about looking at multiple toys strewn all over the house, provide a small range of about 3-4 different toys each time!

Why do dogs whip their toys around?

When dogs whip or shake their head with the toy in their mouth, it is actually mimicking the action used to kill small prey and goes back to their natural hunting instinct!


Why do dogs eat their toys?

While the answer can be as simple as it being fun for your dog to destroy his toys, boredom, lack of stimulation and loneliness can be some reasons why your dog is destroying and eating his toys. Excessive chewing and shredding is usually a sign that your dog requires more exercise, attention, and stimulation. 

Why do dogs go crazy over squeaky toys?

Dogs like squeaky toys because they appeal to their instinct to catch and kill small prey. This prey-drive explains why dogs tend to lose interest when the squeaker is spoilt as it usually tells your dog that the toy is “dead”.

Why do dogs pull the stuffing out of toys?

Similar to the explanation over squeaky toys, while some dogs satisfy their prey drive and lose interest once the squeaker is spoiled, others are simply never satisfied until they completely destroy the toy.