What is EzyDog?

EzyDog is an Australian company dedicated to the production of top-quality dog products. With the tagline ' Now Go and Play,' the brand indeed gives your dog the best playtime. 


EzyDog is taking over, and nothing is stopping them. There's a chance that you've seen EzyDog harness, EzyDog leash, EzyDog collar, EzyDog chest plate harness, and a list of their other products. This could be attributed to the popularity the brand has amongst dog lovers. Dog trainers also trust the brand, so it's common to find it within their circles. 


The fame of EzyDog accessories is like so because the work is on delivering quality. When you touch any one of their products in your hands, you'd feel it. Such accessories are not only durable, but they're also very reliable. 


What range does EzyDog have?

Since dogs' needs vary, there is diversity in the number of products made by the company. Therefore, there are several ranges, including: 


  • EzyDog harness 
  • EzyDog leash
  • EzyDog collar 
  • EzyDog backpacks 
  • Life jackets, as well as accessories suitable for travelers. 



EzyDog Harness 

This range of EzyDog's product provides your dog with the type of restraint you desire - stylish, safe, and comfortable. Whether you decide to take an evening stroll to the park or a more exhausting activity, the harness works just fine. 

The top products in this category include EzyDog quick fit harness, EzyDog no-pull harness, EzyDog chest plate harness, Drive car harness, etc. 


To make it easier for pet parents, all harnesses are specifically designed to fit all dog breeds, so you may not necessarily go for EzyDog harness large.


EzyDog leash

Contrary to the popular culture in the market of leashes being a fashion item than providing the specific function it was designed for, EzyDog delivers the best restraint. Aside from this, it is rustproof and easy to clean. These are made from several materials, including denim, Neo, Oxford leather, and more. 


EzyDog Backpacks 

Backpack for dogs? Oh, yes! Should you opt for hiking with your favorite furry partner, then these come in handy. Instead of packing stuff haphazardly, you can use a backpack to stock items for your partner. A backpack will conveniently contain water, some food, and any essential you need to bring along. You could choose either a summit backpack or convert saddlebags. 


Life jackets 

Your dog can go anywhere with you, even to the beach, swimming pool, or the lake. As long as it's safe for you, it would be best to make it safer for them. In addition to helping you with dog training as a swimmer, it also keeps them safe from the waves. It also helps them get more confidence around water bodies. You're sure of floatation, adjustability, and the overall safety of your dog. There are:

  • DFD (Doggy Flotation Device)
  • Micro DFD (Doggy Flotation Device) 

If you want to travel with your pet, you have access to several travel-friendly options. Other mention-worthy tools for tethering are the EzyDog lead, best for control, and comfort.