F10 Products Ltd is its wholly owned UK subsidiary and was formed to augment the efforts of our distributors and to expand the F10® products footprint in the UK and across Europe and now in Asia.

F10® products are comprised of a hygiene and infection control range and a topical treatments products range. F10® products are all independently assessed by regulatory authorities and registered (currently over 50 products) in the USA, UK and Europe, Middle East, and Australia and NZ). They are sold in 36 countries, commonly into exotic animal, wild life and zoos, and companion animal sectors but in some countries also into the production animal sectors with an extended products range. F10® products are market leader in practice hygiene products in Australia and South Africa where some treatment products are also leaders. Over 400 UK veterinary establishments are currently (June 2015) using F10® products. F10® products are stocked by all national veterinary wholesalers.