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FuzzYard: Live A Stylish Comfy Pet Life

Discover the secrets to a happy pet with FuzzYard’s full range of stylish pet products and pet accessories. From harness to dog bed to pet bowl, you can help your precious furbaby to live a comfortable life! You can even make your pet’s life a little more exciting with FuzzYard freeze-dried treats! 

How to wash FuzzYard dog bed?

You can wash your FuzzYard dog bed by using a front loading washing machine in a delicates bag or handwashing with cold water. Dry flat and avoid iron or dry clean.

How to choose a FuzzYard Reversible Pet Bed for my dog or cat?

The FuzzYard Reversible dog bed/cat bed comes in 3 sizes to fit your pet perfectly! To find the right size bed for your pet, it should be large enough for your pet to sit or lie down comfortably in all natural positions. And the best way to make sure you are getting the most comfortable FuzzYard pet bed for your furkid is to measure your pet.

To find out how long and how wide the pet bed should be, you can measure your pet from the tip of his nose to his tail and from shoulder to shoulder. Then, add 6 to 12 inches (15.2 cm to 30cm) to both of those measurements.


Product Dimensions


 External: 45x56cm (17.7x22 inch)

Internal: 25x36cm (9.8x14.2 inch)


External: 65x74cm (25.5x29.1 inch)

 Internal 35x48cm (13.8x18.9 inch)


External: 75x80cm (29.5x31.4 inch)

Internal: 64x42cm (16.5x25 inch)


What is FuzzYard harness’s price?

Available in 5 sizes and different stylish designs, a FuzzYard harness will cost you from $32.40 to $44.10.  To choose the best FuzzYard harness for your dog, read the harness size guide here.

What are the key features of FuzzYard Supernaturals freeze-dried dog treats?

If you are looking for the healthiest way to spoil your dog, then look no further than FuzzYard Supernaturals freeze-dried dog treats! Featuring grain-free recipe with 5 nourishing ingredients, FuzzYard dog treats are packed with maximum natural flavour and goodness – without soy, corn, salt, sugar or any artificial additives! Available in 5 flavours: beef, emu, kangaroo, lamb and seafood.