Grandma Lucy's Freeze Dried Dog Food

Grandma Lucy's dog food is as close as you can get to home-cooked food!

Not everyone has the time to cook for their family as they wish they could. Grandma Lucy’s can take the worrying about your pet’s nutrition off your plate. We make all of our freeze-dried pet food and treats in our very own state-of-the-art kitchen in Southern California from start to finish. We use only the best, whole food ingredients with unique protein varieties such as rabbit, goat and pork. A close eye is kept on every aspect of our food and treats. If we could not eat it, we would never serve it to our pets because we, like you, are concerned and loving pet parents.

How Freeze Drying works:

  1. Fresh or cooked food are flash frozen, then put in a vacuum chamber
  2. About 98% of the foo's moisture is drawn off bye vaporating the ice at temperature as low as -85F
  3. The freeze dried food is sealed in moisture- and oxygen-proof packaging to ensure freshness until opened
  4. When water is replaced, the food retains its original fresh flavor, aroma, texture and appearance.