Essential accessories for hamsters

Accessories they need the most

  • Although they require a small space, choosing the ideal cage is the most crucial part. Keep some obstacles and toys for the hamster to play with. Hence, it is important to pick a cage that has is spacious and has a long enough base for your playful companion. You may check out the Gex Glass Harmony 600 Plus Hamster Cage, an ideal, spacious cage for your hamster.

  • Your hamster deserves to be pampered like a king or queen as well! Let your little one feast luxuriously from its own adorable food bowl too. Check out the Mini Animan Food Bowl with Wood Stand For Hamster (Double), the table is made up of natural wood, perfectly safe for your hamster to chew and gnaw on.

  • Hamsters love to nestle in hideouts and run though tunnels. Do make sure to provide some entertainment in their cages by placing some hideouts The Oxbow Timothy Club Tunnel For Small Pets is an exciting hideout for your furry little friend.

  • You can even set up an exercise wheel for your hamster as they tend to be quite active throughout the day and need sufficient exercise. The premium Rodipet Super Silent Cork Hamster Exercise Wheel comes in 3 sizes, and it’s the perfect wheel for your hamsters to workout on


Choosing the right cage

While choosing the cage, do take note of the following:

  • Ensure sufficient space for the hamster to play and rest. This also gives hamsters more freedom and thus reduces their stress levels. This also allows for you to set up several activities for them using toys and exercise wheels. Long story short, a spacious cage = a happy hamster = a happy owner!


  • Another critical aspect of a hamster cage is that it must be escape-proof.


  • Additionally, the cage has to be easy to clean. In general, designers make cages larger, so they are easier to clean.